Horoscope Color Contact Lens

Horoscope Color Contact Lens


Everything in our world can affect our lives, including the astrology and zodiac signs. Every zodiac sign has its own set of planets, gemstones, parts of the body, colors and – yes! – colored contact lenses too.

The energy of each sign corresponds to different planets and to different colors of contact lenses. If you have ever wondered what color matches your personality depending on which sign of the Zodiac Horoscope you were born under, you must know that it is quite important to try to adapt the colors that you use to your personality to reach happiness, be healthy, and more confident in everyday life.

Each Zodiac Horoscope sign has its own color shade of contact lens that can create a better look and also relate to psychological, spiritual, and physical energies that are linked to this sign. All you have to do is just look below to see what colored contact lenses are the most appropriate for you and your Zodiac sign.

These colored contact lenses have a wide range of colors and designs for you to choose from and that can match your Zodiac Horoscope very easily.

Sometimes you don’t always have a chart in front of you to tell you what Zodiac sign matches each colored contact lenses, so you can go by styles and colors of contact lenses if you want to create a Horoscope friendly look.

Here is a rundown of the favorite colored contact lenses of each Zodiac Horoscope sign and suggestions for your look.


Colorful Zodiac Eyes


AriesARIES  – The Ram – March 21 to April 20

Horoscope-Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and tends to make people born under this sign natural leaders. Aries are enthusiastic, ambitious, and creative persons. They like to lead and dislike it when taking orders from others. Aries have great pride and are sometimes stubborn. They enjoy a reasonable demeanor and are often the masterminds behind some plots. Aries always know how to achieve their goals.

Tint of Red Nudy colored contact lenses suit this sign and if you are looking for a classic sexy look then this Nudy red lenses are what you want. The sparkle of Red Rose Diamond lenses is also good for Aries who are natural leaders and like competitive lifestyle. Also if you want a vivid red color in your eyes to show the power of fire, the element of Aries, then go to Forest or Blythe red lenses.

Good shades of red colored contact lenses in a cute box with ribbons is the perfect gift choice if you want to buy a present for someone whose Zodiac sign is Aries.


TaurusTAURUS – The Bull – April 21 to May 21

Horoscope-Taurus is always forced into fighting hard to achieve its goals. The Taurus is straightforward, serious but sincere, and spends a lot of time at work. The Taurus needs attention and love from others people whose Zodiac sign is Taurus, and Taurus people are open-minded, generous, and friendly.

The tempestuous bull is calmed by all shades of sky and any blue shade. Taurean loves nature, art, music, but also all beautiful and harmonious things, so 3 tone color of blue contact lenses like Tri color Blue, Gossip Blue, Stella Blue or Vivian Blue lenses are the best for this bull sign.

The Taurus native are happy people and also love natural colors like green and brown shades of Puffy Brown, Sunny Brown, Crystal Green or Glamour Green lenses are all good for Taurean because they will bring peace of mind and comfortable feelings. All of 3 tone blue, brown and green shades colored contact lenses will bring peace and happiness and also create a fascinating style in a natural way.

GeminiGEMINI – The Twins – May 21 to June 21

Horoscope-Gemini character is mercurial. People whose Zodiac sign is Gemini become quickly bored by routine and they like to frequently change their job, clothes, and surroundings. On the other hand, they are immensely gifted, sensitive and have a very persuasive charm. Clear Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver or Gray colored contact lenses appeal to most Gemini people. Look at a bright color like Silver Nudy, Super Nudy Brown or Crystal Blue lenses as your new eyes accessories that you can change as often as you like.

Gemini people are naturally inventive and creative with leadership skills, so well designed contact lenses such as the Glamour Gray or Barbie Brown suit Gemini character but also fairly simple style of Forest Green or Sakura blue. Remember that Gemini born people like to change everything in their life as often as possible, so they also need to change their circle lenses.

Wearing colored contact lenses is good for the Gemini who is easily bored but can match his lenses with any style and trend to change his look.


CancerCANCER – The Crab – June 22 to July 23

Horoscope-Cancers are naturally enthusiastic. They are the most patient and diligent people out of all the Zodiac signs. Cancers are ambitious to achieve their goals. People born under this sign may appear arrogant at first as they always stick to their principles but Cancers are known for having warm hearts.

Unlike Gemini people, Cancers love the past, so classic circle lenses styles as Nudy series or Angel series are the best for Gemini who can show their good look in cool classic forever style.

Cancerian need the most restful colors and styles that suit their personality like the Sea Green of Nova style, along with shimmering of Silver or Gold of the Nudy series. Don’t forget the moon color like the Silver Nudy or Hyper Size Gray that influences Cancerian, colors that can bring the smoothness of subtle moods with the cold charm of a moonlit night.


LeoLEO – The Lion – July 24 to Aug. 23

Horoscope-Leo love to face new challenges and almost never flee troubles. They aspire to take the leadership position just like the lion rules the animal kingdom and dislike it when they are ordered around. Leos can live wherever makes them feel comfortable and at peace.

The color which appeals most to those born under this sign are shades of Amber color like Alamode or Gossip circle lenses style, but Red shades like Nudy Red lenses are also befitting the Leo character which is colourful.

Leo people love and dare to show grand and impressive look. As they like to live in the high spots or entertaining to impress the others then think about Sunny style contact lenses that can bring out the perfect look and increase their charming power that will impress everybody.



VirgoVIRGO – The Virgin – Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 

Horoscope-Virgo has mental strength to fight any obstacle in life. They are always strict to the plan. Virgo are sometimes fastidious and they will gain a lot of respect and power as they get older. Virgos always do their best in everything. They have high responsibility sense and they are economical.

Earthy colors, such as dark brown, green, and even strong navy blue are Virgo shades.  Navy blue is a cool and strong color that is very good for self confidence and helps steady nerves. Green is a healing color that aids to balance everything. Both blue and green are excellent to calm frayed nerves, especially if there is anxiety or fear of a breakdown, so these 2 tone colors are good to boost Virgo born people nervous system.

The home of a Virgo should always show very light color like Alice series or Crystal series circle lenses. The popular neutral color schemes are probably ideal settings for people born under this sign, along with white color that relates to pale grays and the beige tones of brown.


LibraLIBRA – The Scales – Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 

Horoscope-Libra are sensitive but they have a lot of self confidence. They are manipulative and always lead lives by principles. Libras always believe in their own ability in achieving life goals and they also have a strong leader character.

Libran are mostly good natured and pleasant but half of the time they are stubborn and restless. They are often artistic and love the harmony of sounds, poetry, words and contact lenses colors. Because of the need to balance the scale and create harmony, the Libran hate clashing color schemes, so pastel tones like Bambi or Nova are preferred, and particularly soft shades of green, blue and mauve.

Soft pastel shades from blue to pale green are ruled by Venus and are symbolic of femininity, but also subtle emanation of regeneration message, balance, and fertility. Don’t forget soft blue colors as they encourage relaxation and tranquility. Pale greens are neither warming nor cooling and act as a tonic, balancing the mind, body and spirit. Libran colors offer sanctuary from a stressful world. As Libra is part of the air element, doing breathing exercises while visualizing Libra colors will enhance vitality and being well.


ScorpioSCORPIO – The Scorpion – Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 

Horoscope-Scorpio have a lot of talents. They can achieve their goals very easily. Scorpios are sometimes hot tempered and emotional, however, deep inside Scorpios are very generous and merciful.

Scorpios have a strong often forceful, yet magnetic personality and the colors which most appeal these people are deep red colors as Blythe, along with rich blue, violet or indigo tones as Tornado, Forest or Plum circle lenses.

Scorpio like to surround themselves with luxury and take great pride in their look, having good taste and enjoying comfort. Because of the preferred deep colors Scorpio born people tend to be somewhat sensuous and dramatic.

Dark reds to maroon hues, reflecting the tones of autumnal berries, are the shades of Pluto ruled Scorpio. These blood red hues, although less vibrant than Arian crimson or scarlet, signify a warmth that holds strong undercurrents of heat. Scorpion colors are sociable and active with an undercurrent of mystery, including black which is also owned by Scorpio. Scorpio colors give strength power, sociability and bring sexual feeling as well as dynamic change to those in its path.


SagittariusSAGITTARIUS – The Archer – Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 

Horoscope-Sagittarius always have a vision. Sagittarius are confident and optimistic, they are sometimes emotional and stubborn but they also usually are good leaders.

Sagittarius love to travel and any outdoor activity, perhaps a touch of the gypsy in them. They like bold bright colors of blue, mauve and purple. The colorful styles of contact lenses are also good for the Archer like the Lace series.

This light hearted sign colors are ranging from dark blue to purple and spread a cool confidence. These shades reflect the cooler spectrum and are useful when in need to install confidence or even to calm someone suffering from anxiety. 

Purple denotes creative energy and spiritual wisdom. Those who look for this color desire an experience of oneness with a higher power, yearn for an understanding of the true meaning of life’s journey and feel urgent to search for greater understanding of who we are in this increasingly chaotic world.


CapricornCAPRICORN – The Goat – Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 

Horoscope-Capricorns are creative, they like initiative, and they are independent and tidy. They are also born to be a leader but often struggle through things.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn go through life with fairly calm and deliberate actions. Like the goat, they don’t rush but always manage to get there in the end. Capricorn people are happier when wearing dark colors as Black, Brown, Navy or Olive Green. They enjoy working or living in surroundings where walls are dark coloured or paneled.

We do not mean that people born under this sign are zombies in any way, although they do tend to be somewhat conservative and conventional in appearance. This prim and proper sign also loves cute, yet interesting style and is more likely to be traditional than ultra modern.

As you would expect from Saturn ruler of Capricorn, its colors represent power that consolidates and sets boundaries. Just as Capricorn is associated with limitations, so you can choose your color contact lens among dark shades lenses like Angel Black, Burn Blue or Cherry brown. Also you can add some color in your life by choosing colored contact lenses that have a bold dark ring as Blythe or King series.


AquariansAQUARIUS – The Water Bearer – Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 

Horoscope- Aquarians are creative and independent. They do not like it when people try to control their lives as they are natural leaders.

Aquarians are the ones who are often ahead of our time and love to try something new, whether it’s a fad in clothing, home furnishings or other. Sometimes they do it to shock, so expect the unexpected. But when it comes to colors, they will likely be quite subdued colors as indigo shades like Diamond 3 tone Blue circle lenses, Vivian Blue and also black colored contact lenses, all these colors being Saturn colors.

Turquoise blue denotes a desire for peace and order, it is the color of the present time of Aquarius. Wearing this blue colored contact lens helps to quiet mind and soul because blue color has a cooling and cleansing effect on the mind. Turquoise color acts as a destressant and can even relieve insomnia. Many hospitals employ this tint for its healing influence as it is said to speed up the healing process and ease symptoms such as asthma and breathlessness. This ray brings peace and calms the mind as well as cools down the nervous system.


PiscesPISCES – The Fish – Feb. 20 to March 20 

Horoscope-Pisces love freedom. They often possess two distinct sides and they can be very calm, collected and mature, as well as extremely hot-tempered. Pisceans are characterized by their ambition and friendship.

Many artists are born under the sign of Pisces: actors, dramatists, musicians and painters. The female Pisces is truly feminine and the colours she is the happiest with are mostly pastel colors, turquoise blue or sea green colors as Bambi, Glamour, Puffy, Diamond or Nova circle lenses.

White or bright colored contact lenses are also fortunate to those born under the Pisces sign. In combination the new shades of blue like Golden blue or Vivian blue could also be attractive to Pisces.

What can soft green, light blue and violet colored contact lenses do for you?  If you need to learn to love yourself and achieve greater self-worth, then look to watery Neptunian tones. Rich regal indigo contact lens indicates knowledge, self-respect and spirituality. Green contact lens can be chosen because it is the color of the crown chakra, the energy center within the body that is closely linked to the “third eye” which is said to be the center of creative visualization and psychic perception. Violet colored contact lens is linked to healing knocks on the head and skin eruptions via the nervous system and it can help to induce sleep.


As you can see each Zodiac sign has its own color of circle lenses, and it’s a great idea to choose the right contact lenses for someone’s birthday or for any other important event.