How to Insert and Remove Colored Contact Lens

How to Insert and Remove Colored Contact Lens (Circle Lens) ?


First, it is very important that you train yourself inserting and removing your colored contact lens.

Only practice can help you to perfectly handle your colored contact lenses and learn the right techniques, it has to become a second nature.

This is vital that you know how to properly handle your circle lenses, it should be automatic as a routine in case your are confronted to an unusual situation. For example if you need to remove or insert your contact lenses in the subway, bus, car or plane these transportations often move and shake, you’ll need a bit of dexterity to avoid any problem and be able to do it.

Another situation, if you are at a business appointment and you need to remove your circle lenses because your eyes are irritated or at the opposite you need to insert your colored contact lenses to read documents, once again you will need to properly handle the colored contact lenses.

How to insert colored contact lenses

At first, as we repeat often on our contact lens blog, you need to have a perfect hygiene before handling colored contact lenses. Your hands have to be perfectly clean with soap, the best will be to have an organic soap made of natural ingredients with a neutral PH, but don’t worry a regular soap will work as well. Then you need to dry your hands properly, try to avoid tissue because it could let some fluffs on your hands which can end in your eyes or on your circle lenses, prefer a fabric towel or any clean towel.

Before trying on your contact lenses you have to check carefully both of them gently and make sure that there is no scratch, that they are not dry, that a part is not missing and that your circle lenses are in good shape. A weird shape can be the sign that your contact lens is upside down, as the picture on this blog you can see that your contact lens should be bowl shaped, the same shape as if you cut a globe in it’s middle. With circle lenses it is easier to see it than regular contact lenses (transparent) becasue color lenses have a multicolored pattern printed.

Even if with this precaution you don’t notice that your contact lens is upside down, then you might feel uncomfortable after few minutes wearing your contact lens.

In this case wash your hands, remove immediately your circle lens, clean it with cleansing solution and put on the right side.


Once you are aware of this, here are some recommendations to handle properly your contact lenses.

If you are right handed put the contact lens on your right index and with the same hand use you middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid, it will gently move your lower eyelashes as well. Now use your left hand index to pull up your upper eyelid and gently bend back your head a little. Try to look to the ceiling and lean your contact lens on the center of you eye, on your iris.

Once the lens is on, carefully take away your finger and close your eye few seconds to let the lens absorb your lachrymal liquid (tears), it will allow to chase away little air bubbles and get the contact lens in the right position. Repeat this operation for your other eye.

If you feel any discomfort you probably have an eye disease or other eye issue, in this case you might consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.


How to remove circle lenses

With you hands freshly cleaned and dryed, if your are right-handed, use your left hand middle finger and pull down your lower eyelid, in the meantime with your index from the other hand gently pull up the upper eyelid, hold it and you can now slide down out the contact lens with your right hand index. You can now grab your contact lens or circle lens.

To keep your circle lenses in good conditions you have to clean the lenses and their cases with multi-purpose solution and soak the circle lenses in a new fresh solution.


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