How to Make a Homemade Pirate Halloween Costume

How to Make a Homemade Pirate Halloween Costume ?


Kids pirate costume

What kind of pirate would you like your child to be ?

Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of the Caribeans, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Rackham the Red from Tintin, Albator the space pirate or maybe you’ll prefer to use history references like the pirates named Blackbeard, Bartholomew Roberts or the french pirate Francois Olonnais

We propose you a simple and cheap solution to make a pirate costume for your kids who want to look like real pirates.

First of all, you need to cover your child head with a black or red scarf that you will attach doing a node. You can customize it with a pirate logo (skeleton head) that you can paint or make on a white garment and sew it.

There is no need to get special skills in sewing to create a pirate costume if you can get in your own wardrobe or your child wardrobe the right clothes. For the top, your child can wear a white shirt that is too big for him, but also a blue or red and white striped long sleeves shirt. For the lower costume part, blue jeans with hems until middle calf will suit perfectly.

For the shoes you can use brown or black boots but also just leather sandals.

Don’t hesitate to make different accessories able to improve your pirate character, for example you can make an eye patch and use it like a one-eyed pirate.

To do it, nothing easier, cut a oval piece of paperboard and paint it in black, you can draw a pirate skull and paint the outer part in black to get a nicer eye patch.

Then all you need to do after if to attach a string on both extremities to make it ready to wear. Another accessory that is also very simple to make is a pirate saber. You just need to draw a curved pirate saber on a paperboard and paint it with the color of your choice or use aluminum foil to make the blade shinny.

Pirate makeup and face transformation

All you need is a black makeup pen to design beard, mustache and scars. It will add virility to the pirate character, and it is better for Halloween to have a character that can frighten people.

Don’t hesitate to buy circle lenses for yourself or for you child to add a nice touch to this pirate costume. The Geo SF-30 are the best Korean Circle lenses for this costume because their design is a skeleton skull and crossbones.


Now you or you child are ready to get down the street, play the pirate and get maximum candies, this Halloween is going to be awesome !