How to Make Halloween Skeleton Makeup

How to Make Halloween Skeleton Makeup?


When it is well done, skeleton makeup and costume can be very impressive and scary, it is perfect for any Halloween party.

You can choose to wear a costume or something more classy like a suit to contrast and give a nice style to your character. The most important to be a beautiful skeleton is the face makeup.

Before giving you the makeup tips, let’s start with the most important. To be a scary skeleton you must wear Korean circle lenses. Up to you to choose the color between red, black or white.

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Skeleton makeup process

It’s time to turn into skeleton with our makeup. To make it, you won’t need much gears and skills.

Only two black and white tubes of face or body paint. If you have long hair then tie it up and make a ponytail, it will protect your hair from paint.

Prepare your face, cleaning it with soap and water, it is very important to have a good base to start the makeup. Now it’s time to apply the white paint on your face, let dry the first pass and make one more pass when the first one is dried. With a double pass you’ll get a nice opaque white. Instead of having a pure white you can make a light gray if you prefer.

Darken your eye contour with an eyeliner and paint the area around your eyes including upper and lower eyelids. Paint your nose extremity as well with black paint. Grab a tiny brush and draw the skeleton’s teeth on your lips and your cheeks. When you draw your teeth think that you are drawing the teeth that are under your flesh, it will helps you to know where to start and stop.

Take your time because teeth are the most important step to give credibility to your skeleton face makeup.

Now you are the best skeleton in town, ready to freak out your neighbors and enjoy your Halloween as you never did. Happy Halloween beautiful skeleton!