How to Put Color Lenses in your Eyes

How to Put Color Lenses in your Eyes


If it is the first time that you get a pair of circle lenses you are probably wondering how to put them on and take them off your eyes. Your Korean lenses can be hard or soft, with or without correction, but the technique is the same for any kind of color lenses.


The rule number one is the most important, you need an irreproachable hygiene to avoid eye infections. The first thing to do is cleaning your hands with soap before touching or manipulating circle lenses. Your hands have to be clean and dry, and to dry your hands it is preferable to use a towel or a fabric instead of tissue which could let on your hands tiny fluffs. Really care the way you’re washing your hands because most of the time people don’t know how to do it properly. You are not a surgeon but you should clean your hands as well as doctors.


Now it’s time to see if your color lenses are not flipped inside out. To know which side is the right one put your lens on your finger as if you were ready to put it on and take a look at your contact lens by the side, then bend it gently to make it look like a taco. If you cannot get the taco shape it means that your circle lens is inside out. This method is really useful if your lens is transparent or doesn’t have any mark to tell you if it’s inside out or not. With Korean lenses it’s easier to guess if your lens is inside out thanks to the colors and patterns printed on it, but sometimes you can wonder which side is the good one.


Once you are sure to have your color lenses on the right side and ready, it’s time to try to put them on. Use the hand with which you are the most comfortable, put the contact lens at the end of a finger, most of the time people use their index finger but others use the medium finger, if you are ready come closer with this hand to your eye and use your other hand to spread your upper and lower eyelids and let your iris fully accessible and ready to receive the lens on. Now you can apply gently your contact lens on your eye and center it on the iris, the pupil has to be well in the middle of the lens, especially if the lens has a pattern. When it is done, close your eye for few seconds to set the contact lens perfectly then blink your eye slowly. Sometimes air bubbles can be stuck between the lens and your eye, it is very easy to get rid of it by giving a gentle massage to your eye. Your are now prepared to start again with your second eye.


Like a pilot of a plane it is not enough to learn how to take off, you also have to know how to land.

Taking off your contact lenses is quite easy but you have to respect the same rules of hygiene as you did to put your circle lenses on. Clean your hands and fill in the lens case with lens care solution, keep the case open. The trick to take off your circle lenses is to keep your head straight and look to the celling of your room, pull down your lower eyelid with your medium finger and slide down your contact lens with your index finger, at the same time grab the lens an fold it between your index finger and your thumb.

Now that you got your circle lens off, it’s time to put it in the case with the solution that you have prepared earlier. Don’t forget to close the lens case to protect your color lens from dust and avoid evaporation of the liquid. The solution is sterile and will kill all the germs on the lens, It will moisturize your lens and keep it soft.


A last recommendation, if you have to manipulate your contact lenses, don’t do it above a sink to avoid any risk to loose them. Prefer to sit with a fabric on your knees or at a table.


Now that you know how easy it is to put on and off your circle color lenses it is just a matter of practice before being really comfortable manipulating circle lenses. Don’t worry if you’re experiencing some hard time at the beginning, practicing is really the key and you will be fine very soon.