How to Take Care of your Contact Lens

How to Take Care of your Contact Lens


Nowadays people do not wear contact lenses only because they have eyesight problems, but also because wearing colored contact lens is trendy, provides more charm and brings a gorgeous look to the eyes: wearing contact lenses is now a fashion statement for many.

However, after buying colorful contact lenses, you should know the right way to take care of this new accessory, because taking care of your contact lenses also means taking care of your eyes which are so important to you.

Yes, always remember that you only got one pair of eyes for your whole life, so whatever accessories you want to use on your eyes, they should be FDA approved and EU approved, but also you should take care of these beauty accessories the best way.

Taking care of your contact lens is very important because improper care can lead to damaged, ripped or torn lenses, or even worse it can cause development of more or less serious eye infections including some that may cause blindness. And even if the latest doesn’t often happen, you should know that not cleaning your lenses the right way put your eyes at risk. Contact lenses are never a problem, but you can be if you do not clean them carefully enough.

Taking a proper care of your contact lenses is very simple, because you just need to follow some important rules to avoid that any germ lands and develops on your lenses.

The best way to take care of your contact lens is to use a good lens solution, a Multi-Purpose Solution for contact lens that helps to take care of your lenses quickly and efficiently everyday.


Here are the best tips for your contact lens care

What to do before handling contact lens and contact lens accessories

First of all before touching your lenses or your lenses accessories you must wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel. You should do this every time you handle your contact lenses, because it’s the only way to make sure that you won’t bring any microb or germ into your eyes when inserting or removing your lenses.


Handling Contact lens with finger tips


What to do when you remove your contact lens

Your lens must be thoroughly cleaned immediately after removal, and you must use your finger tips to handle your lens. Clean your lenses as explained for the best result and the safest use.

Gently rub your color contact lens or your prescription lenses with a multi-purpose solution then rinse them together with your contact lens case using fresh solution, and never use again the same solution for your lens and the lens case, but pour new liquid from the solution bottle to avoid any risk. Always clean your lenses with the best solution available on the market, and then store your contact lens in the special contact lens case that you have received.

Ophthalmologists always recommend to replace your contact lens case every three to six months for the best hygienic condition, even though some lenses can be used one full year.


Clean your lensesStore lens in case with solution

Do not use saliva or tap water to clean or wet your lenses because saliva can spread infection while tap water has chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful for your eyes. Remember that you cannot change your eyes, so never compromise on the quality of the solution, just buy the best and do not buy big bottles that you won’t finish before they expire, better buy small bottles.

The Multi-Purpose Solutions used must be approved by the FDA or EU organizations and be manufactured by reputable companies, so don’t use lens solution without any brand or company name written on the bottle. Also do not use solution from a bottle that you didn’t open yourself, especially if you don’t know who used this solution first.

The contact lens care multi-purpose solution must be fresh, so do not use any solution that has expired and always check the date on the bottle when reading instructions of use. Follow directions carefully to make sure that you are using the solution properly.

Proper lens care includes cleaning and disinfecting your contacts once a day and every time you remove your lenses to ensure that your eyes will remain healthy and your lenses will be comfortable to wear.

You must also avoid to expose your contact lens to dust by placing them completely immersed in lens solution and closing the storage case tightly. Your prescription contact lenses or your color contact lenses are for you only and you should never share them with someone else.

Remember that your eyes are very sensitive and that contact lenses need to be cared properly as they are in direct contact with your eyes. You should consult an eye specialist doctor immediately if you experience any problem with your eyesight or eyes.

Now you can safely handle your contact lenses and take good care of your eyes by using our tips and the best lens brands or lens solution from