How to Use Korean Contact Lenses Safely

How to Use Korean Contact Lenses Safely ?

How to Use Korean Contact Lenses Safely

How to Use Korean Contact Lenses Safely


It’s easy to order contact lenses online but if you want to use your contact lenses properly you should read this page first.

All our contact lenses are packaged in sealed glass vials and you should check your products before opening the vials to avoid any risk to be told that you damaged the lenses when you tried them on.

  How to Use Korean Contact Lenses Safely

Before opening the contact lens vials

– check the contact lenses to make sure that this is what you ordered, with or without power

– check the vials and lenses: vials must be sealed and lenses should not show any tear or scratch

– check the expiration date of your lenses to be sure that they have not expired

– check authenticity of your lenses: only Geo brand has an authenticity sticker website to check the authenticity number but you can check online how should look the vials of any contact lens brand that you buy (remember that vials and stickers change in different countries)

– shake the lens vials to be sure that the lenses are floating in the solution and if the lenses are stuck in the vials dip the vials in warm water for 5 minutes then shake the lens package again. Occasionally a lens may adhere to the bottom of the vial when opened but do not worry as it will not affect the sterility of the lens that is still perfectly safe to use.


After opening the contact lens vial

– always wash your hands before handling your lenses

– clean a new lens case by using multiple purpose contact lens solution

– place your new lenses into a clean new lens case

– soak the lenses in multi-purpose solutions

– always soak your new lenses in a fresh contact lens solution for at least 8 hours before using them (the best is to soak them overnight or 1 full day because the longer they are soaked the more comfortable they will be to wear)

– after soaking them clean and rub your lenses again before wearing

– store contact lens case at room temperature

– ensure that the caps of lens case are closed tightly

– rinse the case after inserting the lens in your eyes




– the liquid in the vial is not contact lens solution and cannot be used to clean your lenses

– if your eyes become red, itchy, or if you feel pain and see blur quickly remove the lenses and see your optometrist

– frequently clean your contact lenses and lens case to avoid contamination

– always clean your lenses with multi-purpose solutions, do not use tap water or saliva

– do not use saline water to disinfect and soak your lenses

– do not mix different brands of lens solutions

– do not share your lenses with other people

– do not repeatedly take your lenses in and out throughout the day because the risk of contamination is higher



Picture to explain how to keep contact lenses in lens case

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