Is It Dangerous to Swim With Contact Lenses On

Is it dangerous to swim with contact lenses on ?


If you wear daily corrective, soft, hard contact lenses or circle lenses, you are maybe wondering if it is dangerous to swim while wearing them.

First, it is important to know in what kind of water you are going to swim. If it’s in the sea, you might know that it is the most risky and dangerous water for your eyes due to germs and bacteria, there is also sand and salt that can stick to your contact lens or slide between your eye and contact lens. This could be irritating and cause infection. We strongly recommend to remove your contact lenses when you plan to swim in the sea, even if you don’t plan to put your head underwater you could get splashed by a wave, the wind or other swimmer. If you need correction while swimming you can buy swimming goggles with correction in any optical shop. Thanks to these goggles or swimming mask your eyes will be protected from splash and you will enjoy the beauty of the underwater fauna and flora.

On the other hand if you plan to go swimming at the swimming pool, you must know that it is less dangerous than the sea but there are still some risks. Even if the swimming pool water gets a treatment it is still a culture broth. Actually even with chlorine, swimming pool water still contains bacteria that can resist to chlorine or other disinfecting chemicals, these bacteria can grow on your contact lenses and make infections. Another problem is the chlorine itself, it can make eye irritation if you are too sensitive but also damage your contact lenses. If you want to reduce the risk of infection you can wear swimming goggles with your contact lenses or simply remove your lenses before swimming.




Lake, rivers or hot springs waters are also dangerous and shelter dangerous microorganisms, as bacterium, virus or fungus so you must be really careful and don’t swim in this kind of water with your contact lenses.

To sum up, if you want to avoid any risk while swimming and make sure that nothing will happen to your eyes you should remove your contact lenses before. If you really want to keep your contact lenses then you have to protect them with a swimming mask or goggles, prefer using daily contact lenses which are disposable.

Even if with all these precautions you got water in your eyes while swimming and wearing your contact lenses, you have to remove them immediately and clean them with cleansing solution or multi-purpose solution.

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