Makeup Tips to Wear Color Contact Lenses

Makeup Tips to Wear Color Contact Lenses


If you are beginner or even expert, it is sometimes difficult as you surely know, to make up when wearing color lenses or circle lenses.

Today we are going to give you some tricks and tips to avoid that your makeup sticks to your contact lenses and damage them. But first you must think to always wear on your color lenses before makeup, it will avoid any risk.


Here are the best tips to makeup when wearing Korean circle lenses:


– Before starting to use makeup check well the expiry date of your beauty products.


– Wash your hands with soap or antiseptic gel and dry your hands carefully with a fabric towel (no paper towel) before manipulating your contact lenses and apply them on your eyes.


– Prefer soft and hypoallergenic makeup products if you have sensitive skin.


– Instead of regular eye-shadow powder which can spead in the air and on your contact lenses, use a cream with foam texture, and close your eyes during this operation. Take off the excess on your eyelids with a brush for example then you can open your eyes again.


– Don’t put eyeliner or pencil close to your up and down eyelashes. This will avoid the risk to have anything sticked to your circle lenses when you close your eyes. Eyelids glitters are banned too, they could damage your color lenses and hurt you.


– Those who wish to use mascara, prefer to use waterproof mascara instead, as it won’t run in your eyes and cause trouble with your contacts if you sweat or get wet.


– To remove your makeup, you should take off your circle lenses first and respect the basic rules of hygiene quoted earlier. The good news is that you can use your usual makeup remover.


Of course , it is not a secret if we tell you that you have to choose the color of your makeup to match your circle lenses color. The goal is to make your eyes in perfect harmony with your makeup to enhance them and let you be the most beautiful.


With all these tips, you won’t have any trouble anymore to makeup with you circle lenses on and be the most radiant girl.