CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Natural Brown Korean Contact Lens Review Geo Xtra Flower WT-C24 Brown

Natural Brown Korean Contact Lens Review Geo Xtra Flower WT-C24 Brown


Review: Geo Flower Series Plum
hi guys! this is my first ever sponsored review, please check solution-lens out!

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Geo Flower Series Plum contacts  

Diameter 15.0 mm
Water content 38-42%
Base curve 8.7
Usage: 1 year (recommended use of 4-6 months)
the package came in about 2 weeks, which is pretty fast considering their location (Thailand)


here’s whats inside the bubble wrap

pamphlet, woven box, bear earrings, free case, pen, lenses

there were so many layers of bubble wrap LOL popping all the bubbles was the best


this is the design of the lenses


the lenses itself are pretty wide in diameter already, but the flower petal effect enlarges your eyes even more.

natural lighting


with flash


the design of the lenses are visible with flash lighting, not so much with natural lighting but that makes your eyes look not as scary i guess

*please excuse my dark circles  

summer school = constant studying = no sleep

i own absolutely no makeup whatsoever so uh image

color/design: imageimageimageimageimage

i was going for a natural look, and these lenses matched my eye color well. At first, the design may seem really weird, but its not that noticeable when they’re in your eyes.

enlargement: imageimageimageimageimage

this is really based on personal preference, but i have chinky asian eyes. everyone i know tells me to open my eyes BUT THEYRE OPEN OK. and then after i put these lenses on, bye bYE CHINKY ASIAN LOL i haven’t worn these out yet, but even I can tell theres a difference.

comfort and application: imageimageimageimage

i thought these would be easier to apply since i have lots of experience with contacts (night contacts wooo~) but i had some difficulty with putting the contacts into my left eye idk why.

my eyes felt kind of dry when i put them in, but i put some of the contact solution in my eye and INSTANT RELIEF ok

overall: imageimageimageimage

the contacts itself are really pretty and they hide my asian eyes, but because they make me look so non-asian, i’m kind of worried about wearing them in public LOL idk people would scream when they see me.

solution-lens offers great customer service, and their website is neatly organized by brand and by color. they always reply to their emails really quickly so, again, check their website out!


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i tried vv


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