Prescription Correction Color Lens from Korea

Prescription Correction Color Lens from Korea
I buy lenses from your site for few years now, but I need prescription lenses now only.
I’ve already asked once before, but I wish to ask and order this time with prescription of -0,5DP both eyes or if there is no -0,5DP, it can be -1DP both eyes ( no big diffrence for my sight).
Then it would be Vassen brand:  Alice Grey 1pair, Vassen Alice Green 2pairs. 
Dueba brand: Koala Green 2pairs
Can you please check for me if they are available and if in diffrent quantity ( like Vassen Rainbow Grey 2pairs available) let me know?
It will be 5 pairs all together.
Dear customer,
Thank you for your message.
​We have contacted our suppliers and will send you a message as soon as we get the list of products available with your correction.
Thank you again.

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