Geo Nova Gray Wt-b45 Gray Contact Lens


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Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified.
Approved in USA, Europe and Asia.
Use 1 year after opening, keep 5 years before opening.
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes.
Everybody can wear these lenses as they do not change your eyesight, but If you need corrective prescription contact lenses, please contact us and we will find them for you.

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Let’s add the power of beauty into your eyes with Geo Nova WT-B45 Gray colored contact lenses. These Nova series are designed with a very special style that is different from other and look modern. This Geo Nova Series brings a noticeable color into your eyes but also looks very natural at the same time. This design is inspired by the Nova in which the gray color is a perfect fusion of 2 tone gray color that looks bright like the Nova star in the sky. The fusion of smooth 2 tone gray color is surrounded by a delicate black ring that will help you eyes to look bigger and stand out more than ever. Geo Nova WT-B45 Gray colored contact lenses are perfect options for everyone who has light shaded eyes and especially someone who has dark colored eyes who wishes to make them look lighter. These contact lenses are safe for your eyes and the infallible quality control from Geo Medical Manufacturer guarantees customers from many countries in Europe and America to wear the safest contact lenses. Geo Nova Gray will alter the look of your eyes naturally and you will catch people attention everywhere you go.

  • Diameter 14.80 mm
  • Water content 38-42%
  • Base curve 8.8
  • 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
  • Packaged in sterile buffered saline
  • FDA and EU approved contact lenses
  • Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
  • Buy without prescription
  • Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

We do not sell corrective prescription contact lenses, we sell only plano lenses without correction (0.00).

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