Rub my Eyes while Wearing Soft Contact Lenses

Rub my Eyes while Wearing Soft Contact Lenses


If a tiny particle comes into your eye, it is a natural reflex to automatically rub your eye. It will also stimulate your eye to make tears, which can help to drain that particle, lubricate and clean the eye removing for good the tiny foreign body.


Eye doctors warn contact lens wearer about the danger and risks of rubbing eyes with contact lens on. At first, the excess of liquid made by your tears plus a friction can move your contact lens and sometimes make them drop. The other risk which is more dangerous is about infection. It can occur when you rub your eyes with hands that are not 100% clean because they are contaminated with bacteria and will contaminate your contact lens, then your eyes.

What to do while wearing contact lenses and something comes to your eyes ?

If you feel that you cannot wait to rub your eye because a tiny foreign body came on, wash your hands with soap first and dry them. Then you are free to touch your contact lens with your fingers free of bacteria.

If you still feel uncomfortable then remove your contact lens and clean it with multi-function solution care.


If you are an allergic person, then you already know that allergen particle can be carried in the air as pollens, dusts or animal hair. Your problem can be more complex if you are allergic because you will be exposed to infectious conjunctivitis or even worse, to Quincke’s edema (Angioedema).

Rubbing your eyes can aggravate the situation because some allergen particle might be in your eyelashes and come to your eyes


In case you feel uncomfortable, once again, don’t wait any longer and remove your contact lenses.

Clean your contact lenses with multi-function solution. This time also think to clean your eyes including your eyebrows and eyelashes with saline solution and eye drops to remove any allergen particle that could remain in your eyes. If you cannot stop the allergic symptoms then don’t wait and take your antihistamine drug or antihistamine relief eye drop.


In conclusion think twice about it before rubbing your eyes, it is not a harmless thing to do and it can have serious consequences.