Smart Contact Lenses will Change your Life

Smart Contact Lenses will Change your Life



The wonders of technology never cease, science always push away the limits. Contact lenses are the perfect example. In only a decade contact lenses became high-tech accessories, the corrective and aesthetic purpose are now secondary. The new contact lenses generation gives to humans a multitude of services.


You maybe have recently heard or read in medias about the Google’s smart contact lenses. A new generation of contact lenses able to alert in real time people suffering of diabetes. The contact lenses constantly analyze the glucose level contained in tears thanks to a sensor and warn the wearer of the lenses when it’s time to get insulin via a LED in the contact lenses, this technology will avoid complications caused by diabetes. Google’s smart contact lenses are as comfortable as any other soft contact lenses. These smart contact lenses are waiting the approval of the FDA and will be released on the market in a close future.


There is a new invention still in beta testing phase which is spectacular and useful for daily life, it proves that sometimes science fiction meets reality. We all remember Robocop, Terminator and other cyborg eyes, this is exactly what a team of American scientists want to create. These scientists want to make contact lenses able to show images and data as numbers, coordinates, location, temperature, stocks or any other informations even with text. In the future the scientists plan to make the contact lenses smarter as for example being able to recognize people faces, using night vision, enlarge natural field of vision, analyze the air pollution or detect dangerous substances.



People can sometimes use new contact lenses generation for bad reasons. A while ago in France in the famous town of Cannes, the casino of the town lost €60 000 in a poker table because the use of infra-red circle lenses by players. Poker cards were marked with an invisible ink that could only be seen by black light or the new infra-red circle lenses. Today in France since this cheating occurred every set of playing cards is checked under a ultraviolet lamp to make sure than there is no mark.


As you can see contact lenses have a bright future and we can’t fully imagine what future contact lenses will be able to do. Today the principal purpose of contact lenses is to correct vision issues and change the color of the iris.