Soak Color Lenses in Saline Solution of the Vials Bottles

Just Received My Circle Lenses, Can I Soak Them In The Same Solution They Came In ?



When you receive color lenses from any online shop they are delivered in glass vials or glass bottles, 2 bottles for a pair of lenses.

In each vial you can find 1 lens in saline solution and you might wonder if this solution is the same as the one that you must use to clean and soak your contat lenses every day.

No, this liquid found in contact lens vials is not the same that you must put in the contact lens case and that you must use to clean your lenses.

No, you can’t use this saline solution so soak your lenses overnight because it is not multi-purpose color lens solution but it’s saline water.

The liquid found in the vials when your lenses are delivered is not a solution for contact lens care, so you cannot soak your circle lenses in the same solution in which they were when you received your order.

When you receive your order you must take your contact lenses out from their packaging bottles and soak them in multi-purpose contact lens solution overnight or at least 6 hours before you wear them for the first time.

You must first clean the free case that you have received with the same multi-solution, then clean the lenses and put them to soak in the solution.

The saline solution found in Korean lens vials is only made to keep the lenses until you start wearing them. As soon as you open the vials you can throw away the empty bottles and the saline solution, as you won’t use it anymore.

Please remember to never put your color lenses in your eyes directly after opening the packaging bottles. Soak your contact lenses overnight in a contact lens case in which you have poured multi solution and then wear them the next day.