CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Stella Blue Blue Contact Lens Review Vassen Stella Blue



I won a pair of contacts from SOLUTIONS-LENDS.COM. I made a blog post of the contest a littl while ago and I was plenty surprised to discover that I had won!!

Here is the original post for the SOLUTION-LENS.COM Giveaway:

I got to choose which Colored contacts I wanted. I have brown eyes and I have always wanted to try out some blue contacts. I requested the VASSEN STELLA 3 TONE COLOR BLUE contact lenses.

I chose these because the natural blue color and aurora effect of dyes these lenses blend with your natural eye color very well and show a real noticeable blue eye color. These also create a bigger eye effect. I just love them!
They came in these adorable little package:

 Complete with SOLUTION-LENS.COM pen:

Adorable earrings:

As for the contacts themselves, they came in these neat little vials along with a contact case.

I quickly put them in. I did notice that they are softer than regular prescription contact lenses, which caused me a little trouble getting them in. But as soon as I got them in I fell in love.  They fit so comfortably that I don’t even know I’m wearing them. I love the way the color looks and blends with my naturally brown eyes. I am very happy! I will definitely be ordering some more contacts in the many different color choices that SOLUTION-LENS have. Their selection is the best I’ve ever seen. You have to go check out the site to really make up your mind. SOLUTION-LENS.COM I can’t wait for more!!

Check out my video review too!