Stars Wearing Colored Contact Lens

Stars Wearing Colored Contact Lens


As you know, numerous showbusiness celebrities wear colored contact lenses to enhance their eyes and improve their look, sometimes just to stay on top or play a role and match a new character. Fashion, cinema, television or music stars are now addicted to this new fashion accessory.

Nowadays, everybody can wear cosmetic circle lenses and buy them at an affordable price, not only stars can afford them, which is not true for other fashion accessories like Louboutin Shoes, Vuiton bags, Channel dresses or Cartier jewels and other luxuries.

For once a beautiful and useful accessory is available at a cheap price for simple workers and the president of the United States or any celebrity. Don’t hesitate to choose and prefer high quality soft colored contact lenses made by Vassen, Geo or Dueba that are trusted brands and well known by soft contact lenses wearers. The average price on is around $20 for one pair, worldwide shipping included (because delivery is free to any country).

Among the long celebrity list wearing contact lenses, we can talk about Paris Hilton who likes blue tones, Rihanna who prefers gray or green colors, both of them using the soft contact lens brand GEO. This is one of their secrets to look so hot and gorgeous.



There is also Lady Gaga who loves to wear circle lenses giving the “dolly eye” effect as we can see in the music video “Bad Romance”, this special contact lens design started to be very famous in Korea and Japan before reaching USA and Europe.




We can also talk about Orlando Bloom who uses circle lenses in the movies “The Lord of The Rings” or “The Hobbit”, he plays the elf Legolas. Orlando natural color is brown, but for the need of his character they became electric blue thanks to colored contact lenses.

The superstar Britney Spears also has brown eyes, but she never goes out without her colored circle lenses on. She likes blue and green Geo contact lens like the actress Lincey Lohan. Some celebrities have chosen to wear hazel color circle lens like Ivanka Trump or the lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe.




Here are other stars addicted to colored contact lenses: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Leah Dizon, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Amber Rose, Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Jessie J, Pamela Anderson, Robert Pattinson, Adele, Marilyn Manson…

So don’t forget that you too can use this stars asset to be gorgeous and stick in people mind forever.