Truth about Color Contact Lenses and Health

Truth about Circle Color Contact Lenses and Health


Are circle color lenses dangerous to my eyes?

This is definitely the most asked question by Internet users on forums and other specialized websites. If color circle lenses were dangerous it wouldn’t be possible for us to sell them worldwide, we are going to explain you why these color lenses are better than the ones that you can find at optical shops.

First of all let us remind you few things. Circle lenses also called “Korean lenses”, “dolly eyes” or “big eyes” are cosmetic lenses, accessories able to make you look as if you have the eyes of a doll. Circle lenses are different with standard outdated color lenses because they have a wider diameter and can cover few millimeters of the white eye part around the iris, it creates the illusion that your eyes are bigger. You can blend the natural color of your eyes with the contact lenses color or decide to wear opaque circle lenses and ignore your color to only show the color of the contact lenses. This trendy beauty accessory comes from Korea and has been invented there, circle lenses became very popular in Asia before invading the US and Europe. Famous super stars as Lady Gaga helped to spread circle lenses popularity in western countries but also Hollywood actors.


You are the only danger when wearing circle lenses

The main danger with circle lenses is yourself, this is why you need the following recommendations to keep your eyes safe. Circle lenses, color lenses or contact lenses are made with hydrogel material which is a silicone able to retain water, you need to buy your circle lenses in physical optical store or on online trusted stores. Prefer to buy circle lenses brands which meet strict quality standards as FDA, CE and ISO, with these standards you can be sure that your lenses have been tested in labs (not on animal) and are safe to wear. The best and award winning brand is Geo Medical which is the market and technology leader in the field of circle contact lenses, Geo designs are popular as well with celebrities and the general public knows them because these lenses are very affordable.

Tips to have a good hygiene and keep your eyes safe:

It is very important to have a good personal hygiene when using contact lenses because most eyes infections come from a lack of hygiene. When you need to manipulate your circle lenses you have to make sure that your hands are perfectly cleaned with soap and totally dried.

Don’t clean or rinse your circle lenses with tap water or worst, with saliva. Use only appropriate and special lens care solution made to moisturize and disinfect at the same time (multi purpose solution). Always check the shelf life of your color lenses before opening the vials for the first time. Once you open the vials and start to use your lenses remember how long you can use it. Circle lenses that we sell have 5 years shelf life and can be used one year after opening, if you wear your lenses evenonly 1 time you can wear 1 year from that date. When you start to feel uncomfortable while you are wearing your lenses, try to re-moisturize them with lens care solution, if nothing has changed after this, it is maybe time to throw your circle lenses away and buy new ones.

Last recommendation take off your circle color lenses before swimming or showering. If you stay in a dusty place and play an intense sport you should take off your circle lenses too. Don’t wear your lenses to sleep even for a short nap.

If you follow these simple recommendations you won’t have any issue and you or your lenses won’t be a danger for your eyes. If anything happens it will be your fault and not because of these beauty accessories that are perfectly safe.