Vampire Costume and Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Woman Vampire Costume and Makeup Ideas for Halloween


Do you need costume and makeup ideas to turn into vampire for Halloween? It is in general the most popular costume for Halloween with zombie costume, but there is a way to look different this year. You can turn into different style of vampires as, a modern young woman “Twilight style” or the vampires in “Buffy The Vampires Slayer” who are emo vampires, a Victorian style vampire as in “Interview with a Vampire”, Dracula’s wife who a sexy glamorous vampire, or even a dirty scary creature covered with blood.


Halloween celebration, is almost the only occasion of the year to transform yourself as you wish and realise your fantasy, play a character haunting your worst nightmares or play one that you really love. Here are some recommendations to have fun and meet success with your woman vampire costume and makeup.


If you are not gifted for sewing and don’t want to spend too much money to create your vampire Halloween costume, the best is to find a back dress to get the emo or why not satanic style.

This style is always impressive, especially if you have a white skin complexion. I’m sure that you will find something appropriate in your wardrobe like a black dress, black jeans and black long sleeves shirt, a black skirt and maybe a black corset. To give a special touch to your costume think about details like black lace gloves, fishnet stocking, long black boots or Doc Martens. Eventually leather wristband, spike or fender belt, choker necklace, pendant and earring with pentacle or reversed cross . Don’t forget the fake vampire teeth.



To complete your transformation you need to get safe and high quality circle lenses on Take a look at our Crazy circle lenses for cosplay. You will find the Twilight color lenses or white, red and even yellow circle lenses. Our circle lenses meet European CE and American FDA standards.



Don’t forget that you can dye your hair in black and paint your nails in black too, before the makeup part. If you want that your vampire character impresses people and look freaky for Halloween, you have to get the whitest complexion as possible. You can use makeup as white foundation or face painting that you will apply on the visible parts of your body. Enhance your eyes with an eyeliner and draw big lines on your eye contour. Thicken your eyelashes with mascara or choose to wear false balck eyelashes, then design pulpy lips with maroon or black makeup. You are now ready for your next scary Halloween party, so enjoy it all night.