Wear Color Lenses with Glasses

Wear Color Lenses with Glasses



You are wondering if it is possible to wear circle color lenses with glasses?


This question might seem silly but it is justified by the fact that corrective circle lenses don’t fit to all vision problems that people can encounter. In some cases people can’t correct their vision issues with corrective lenses, and they don’t have other choice than wear glasses.


If these people really want to follow the trends, feel different, be more seductive or unusual by changing their eyes color and decide to wear fashion lenses, they necessary have to find a solution. These women can feel like having color lenses with the dolly eyes effect or eyes bigger than usual with korean circle lenses.


For example at Halloween celebration time if you want to disguise yourself and play a horror character it is difficult to skip circle lenses to complete a costume, without the important contact lenses the transformation won’t be perfect. At the same time some women or men will need to correct their vision, but they cannot use their contact lenses to correct their vision problem. In that case these people have no other choice than wearing glasses and color contact lenses. There is no problem at all to wear both, color lenses and prescription glasses.


Also some women want to wear corrective circle lenses plus glasses without correction just to change their style or because they’re cosplaying and their character needs glasses. In that case too there is no problem at all, it is safe.


So the answer to the question “is is possible to wear circle color lenses with glasses?” is indeed YES !


Color lenses are 100% compatible with glasses corrective or not including of course sunglasses, there are no contraindications. The advantage is that the glass of your glasses or sunglasses will protect you and your circle lenses from air streams, dust and the sun’s UV. Your lenses will keep moisturized longer with glasses to protect them, your glasses will act as a shield and will become very useful.


Wearing glasses and circle lenses is an ideal solution to protect your circle lenses if you practice motorbike riding, ski, snowboard or any other sport involving speed and hard conditions.


By wearing glasses you won’t be exempted to follow the hygienic care rules of your contact lenses as you know , having clean hands, cleaning carefully the circle lenses, rinsing them and keeping your color lenses soaking with solution care in a safe lens case. We remind you that you can’t wear your cosmetic lenses more than 10 hours per day.


If you feel like changing the color of your eyes even if you wear prescription glasses then do not hesitate anymore and enjoy it. There is no contraindication and you will look gorgeous with your color lenses on.


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