Wearing Contact Lens or Circle Lens when Sick from Flu or Cold

Wearing Contact Lens or Circle Lens when Sick from Flu or Cold


During the winter season, catching a cold or flu often happens, so if you are reading this blog it might be because you are wondering if it is possible to wear soft contact lens or circle lens when you are sick.


Runny nose, sneezing, fatigue, headache, cough, crying eyes or irritated throat are the symptoms that you have a cold. Fever, shiver, muscle pain, fatigue, throat pain and migraine are flu symptoms. In both cases don’t wait and try to cure the disease as soon as possible to avoid any complication.


Be aware that a strong fever added to medicine to heal can cause dry eyes and make your eyes produce less tears than usual. Tears are like saline solution, the one that you can find in any contact lens vial when it comes from the shop. Tear fluid and saline solution are important to keep your contact lenses moisturized and soft. tear fluid is also essential to prevent contact lens to stick to your cornea. The other risk if you have a cold or a flu is that you are going to often blow your nose and rub your eyes with your hands full of germs, doing this is a big risk to contaminate your eyes and create an eye infection.

So if you are sick and take medicine that dries your eyes, it is strongly recommended not to wear circle lenses. However, if you cannot live without it, you have to be attentive to any sign of discomfort, irritation, burning sensation or eye itchiness they are symptoms of dry eye. In one of this case, you should remove your circle lenses right away, let them soak in their case with multi-purpose solution care and hydrate your eyes with eye drops.


To sum up, if possible, remove your circle lenses when you have a strong flu and people who usually wear corrective contact lenses should replace them with prescription glasses for a while.

On the other hand, if you just have a cold, you can keep your contact or circle lenses but you will have to be really attentive and think to keep your eyes and contacts always moisturized and hydrate them time to time. Also thing about drinking a lot of water, because you are going to lose a lot of fluid by sweating because of the fever.


To avoid these problems there is unfortunately no real solution, just hope to be lucky not to get flu virus and protect yourself with warm clothes.