Werewolf Halloween Makeup to Make Easily

Werewolf Halloween Makeup to Make Easily


Why don’t you turn yourself into a werewolf during Halloween night ?

With a good makeup and eventually a costume you will perfectly match Halloween celebration, this creature will suit well to female and male gender. Everybody knows well this creature also called lycanthrope, with its legendary strength, bloodthirsty, able to transform every full moon nights into a half-human half-wolf monster. According to the legend, when a werewolf bites a human being he will also become a werewolf from the sunset to the sunrise during a full moon night.

Numerous movies show us this incredible legend as “Wolf” with Jack Nicholson, “The Werewolf of Paris”, “Dog Soldiers”, “Underworld”, “Van Helsing”, ”Skinwalkers”, “Blood and Chocolate”, “Nature of the Beast”, ”Twilight”, and the list could be incredibly longer. The good point for you, is that you won’t have a lack of pattern to make your werewolf.

To make your werewolf costume, you can just use your daily clothes, of course prefer old clothes that you don’t need anymore because you will need to tear them and make them look dirty, this is important to make people believe that a body transformation has occurred. To make your costume realistic you have to let people think that your body is covered by a wolf fur, the trick is easy, just let some fur coming out from a long sleeve shirt for example. Stick some hair around the end of the sleeves in contact with your wrist, around the collar and buttons. You can easily find this item which it sold by length or you can sacrifice an old fairy plush that you have at home. You can glue some hair on the top of your hands or wear a pair of monster gloves easy to get in any party and costume shop.


A werewolf needs to be scary and for this you must get big teeth. The fake werewolf or vampire teeth are essential and easy to find too if you don’t have them already at home.

To complete the werewolf transformation the key is the eyes, turn them into predator eyes with a pair of Korean contact lenses special cosplay. On Solution-Lens.com we provide circle lenses for any purpose, and our product range called “Crazy lenses” provides circle lenses able to follow all your fantasies. For your werewolf character you might choose between these circle lenses: Geo SF20, Geo SF75, Geo CR04 or Geo CP S6. Maybe in our Crazy catalogue you’ll find another design that will meet your needs. Know that our contact lenses are high quality genuine products, made in Korea by well known and trusted brands like Geo, Vassen, Dueba, Dreamcon… These lenses meet international standards as CE (European) and FDA (USA), it means that they can be sold anywhere in the world with or without a prescription.


Once you have the right teeth and the right circle lenses, werewolf makeup is easy to create. Look at the pictures of this page to help you achieve your face transformation.

Start to darken your eyes contour with a black eye pencil and eye shadow. Still with the eye pencil, but this time similar to your hair color, thicken your eyebrows.

To imitate fur you’ll have to draw hair with the same eye pencil on your cheekbones, jaw, forehead and temples. To give relief to the fur that you have drawn on your face you should use two or three different tones, one darker and one lighter than your hair color. To look scarier, create blood leaking from your mouth with red gloss or lipstick.


We wish you the best horrible and bloody Halloween ever ! Roarrrrrr !