What are the Different Color Contact Lenses Available

What are the Different Color Contact Lenses Available ?


 If you know nothing about contact lenses here is all the information that you need before ordering these fashion accessories which are also made for medical use, so these products have to be manipulated carefully.

5 main categories of color contact lenses are available:

– Contact lenses lenses with correction allow the wearer to get a better vision, these circle lenses are lightly tinted and not for a cosmetic purpose because they won’t modify the color of your eyes. Their color is only made to allow you to find and manipulate your contact lenses easily, otherwise the contact lenses would be completely transparent and difficult to see and carry.

– Corrective color contact lenses that are transparent but with a pattern and can be used for two purposes. Useful for people with vision issues as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism or hypermetropia but also useful for cosmetic purpose because these circle lenses will modify at the same time the color of your eyes by blending with your natural iris color. Your eyes will look different with these contact lenses on thanks to a large amount of colors available.

– Circle lenses with transparent color without correction are for those who have a perfect vision and don’t need to improve it. Incredible patterns and colors are available. The good news with these color lenses is that they are cheaper than circle lenses with correction.

– Opaque contact lenses are perfect if you don’t want to blend the original color of your eyes. You can build a brand new look, switch from black eyes to turquoise or brown to emerald. This kind of color lenses are used in the cinema industry for visual effects to transform actors looks and match their characters. These contact lenses are used mostly in fantastic or sci-fi movies, patterns as zombie eyes, cat eyes, reptile eyes, alien eyes and more are available. These circle lenses have the nickname “crazy” and are fancy , they are not made to correct your vision.

– Korean lenses with “dolly eyes” effect will modify the color of your eyes but also their size. The pattern printed on these circle lenses is larger than your iris. You can choose the diameter that you need to give the effect you are looking for. In Asia or America the”dolly eyes” effect is really popular and this trend is spreading to Europe especially in France. Korean lenses are made by trusted brands as Geo, Vassen or Dueba which are leader in contact lenses business. Movie stars and music stars are addicted to Korean circle lenses “dolly eyes”, many of them are daily wearer and can’t go out without circle lenses on. These lenses are plano (0.00) and you won’t need any prescription from your doctor to get them.

If you want to try on circle lenses for the first time, we recommend you to start with Geo Medical which is the most famous Korean brand providing genuine circle lenses made with high knowledge and technology.

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