What to do when Circle Lenses are not Comfortable to Wear

What to do when Circle Lenses are not Comfortable to Wear ?


Discomfort caused by contact lenses is abnormal, you have to find out the reason to avoid dangerous complications, let us explain the possible reasons of discomfort:


– The contact lenses that you wear are not adapted to your vision, for example your astigmatism hasn’t been well evaluated, so you are suffering of vision troubles. The base curve of the contact lenses can be a reason of discomfort if it doesn’t suit your eyes, same problem with a diameter too small or too big for your eyes. So do not hesitate to consult an ophthalmologist to get the right recommendations to buy a pair of contact lenses adapted to your eyes shape.


– A foreign body as dust, salt or pollen slided between your eye and the contact lens causing discomfort which can create an allergic reaction. In this case take off your contact lenses right away and soak them few minutes in a special lens care multi-function solution that cleans, sterilizes and rinses all the particles. Contact lenses are made from soft material (hydrogel) which is able to absorb liquids, so it is possible that your contact lenses have absorbed shampoo, soap, makeup, face lotion or hairspray and make you feel burning eyes. This is why it is recommended to use organic natural products with neutral PH.


– Your contact lenses are dry because your eyes are dry too, this triggers a nuisance, phenomenon relatively frequent with contact lenses wearer who stay in hot and dry environment or on the contrary in very cold and windy place. In these cases avoid to expose you face directly in front of a wind source as a fan or other device. To counter dryness you can moisturize directly your eyes and your contact lenses with eye drops or take your contact lenses off and let them soak in the multi-function solution.


– Your contact lenses are damaged and a part could be missing or the lenses can have scratches and micro cuts if they have been dropped off. If your color lenses have not been well manipulated they could be damaged too, another reason could be that you have worn expired contact lenses. In these cases remove immediately the contact lens that hurts you and throw it away, replace it by a safe brand new contact lens to avoid any risk of injury.