Where to Order Color Contact Lenses

Where to Order Color Contact Lenses?


If you are looking for a complete list of online shops selling Korean lenses we are sorry but we won’t publish any list here, because it is actually useless, as the only right answer to the question in the title is Solution-Lens.com store.


Many online shops on the Internet offer color circle lenses without correction for sale, these eyes accessories also called “Korean lenses” or “cosmetic lenses” . You won’t find any other cheaper and reliable website as Solution-Lens.com, we are specialist in the business and we care our customers giving them the best products and services that they deserve, at the best price of course.


Our website provides yearly circle lenses made to enhance you look and your face, they are able to correct any little imperfection of your iris and will enlarge your eyes.


These circle lenses can transform you into, a princess, cute doll, lolita, celebrity or if you really feel that you want to be totally different it is even possible to turn yourself to a sci-fi character or animation character. Last option, if you really want to impress others you can change to an animal by using for example the animal circle lenses, cat eyes, snake eyes, crocodile eyes, eagle eyes or panther eyes.


The product range of circle lenses capable of changing your eyes into creatures are called “crazy lenses” and they are very popular for Halloween because they will complete a costume. A large number of different designs have been created to delight our customers, motifs as spider web, spiral, heart, flower, flames, smiley, religious symbols, diamond, flags etc…


You really have plenty of choices about patterns and colors available but also among the brands internationaly known and trusted by millions consumers. These trusted brands are for example Geo Medical, Vassen Korea or Dueba and they all are available on our store. Our brands meet standards as FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration), C.E (European) and ISO (International), they allow you to wear your circle lenses with peace of mind and serenity.


Impossible to find better deals on the Internet than on Solution-Lens.com. First of all there is no bad surprise when it’s time to valid your order on our web store because shipping is always free and you never have to think about. Worldwide delivery to any country is free. We can also send your order for free via Express mail EMS service if you spend at least $99 on the store. Our best offers are “Buy 2 pairs get 1 more free ” or “buy 5 pairs get 2 more free” and “buy 10 pairs get 5 pairs free”. Now that you know this how can you wait any longer ? We know that you cannot…


We didn’t tell you everything yet and there are more surprises. Actually you get one free lens case for each pair ordered on our store (even for free pairs). Other little gifts come with your order but we prefer let you find out by yourself. We are sure that all these freebies have already persuaded you to order on our shop, the good thing is that you can share your free lenses with your friends and your family, a nice gift for them that won’t cost you a penny.