10 Wrong Ideas about Soft Contact Lenses

10 Wrong Ideas about Soft Contact Lenses


There are a lot of misconceptions around about soft colored circle lenses among people who have never tried to wear them. These wrong ideas come from a lack of informations or because people use old data to set up their own opinion. Since the las 15 years science improved a lot in the contact lens field. Security and comfort have increased with the new circle lenses generation for both corrective and decorative lenses.

Here are some example of inaccurate information often spread around by lobby and people who genuinely know nothing.


– Contact lenses can hurt your eyes

Any contact lenses wearer can tell you that wearing contact lenses is not painful at all and doesn’t cause any discomfort. They will also tell you that once your lenses are on, you won’t feel them at all. If you feel any pain it’s because there is something wrong in the way you use them as for example, wearing your contact lenses upside down, not properly taking care of them or you might be suffering from an eye disease.


– Contact lenses can easily drop

It is absolutely wrong of course, once your contact lens is on the eye it will literally adhere to it. The evidence is that athletes who wear contact lenses during competitions as Olympic Games or world championship, their contact lenses never drop.


– It is very difficult to put a contact lens on the eyes

The first time it is a bit weird to have to spread the eyelids with fingers to be able to put on the contact lens on the cornea. But with a little practice and if you follow the instructions, contact lens handling will become natural. After the second time it already becomes much easier, even children can do it, so why couldn’t you?


– Contact lenses can stick to the eye

This case is extremely rare, and happens in case the basic rules haven’t been respected. It can only happen if contact lenses have been worn for too long or if you have slept a whole night with them on. If it happens all you have to do is to rehydrate the contact lenses with eye drops or multi-function solution.


– Contact lenses can cause eye infections

Contact lenses are not directly responsible for eye infections, the user who don’t respect the basic rules of hygiene which are to carefully wash your hands before handling contact lenses and wash the contact lenses themselves perfectly with a cleaning solution.


– Contact lenses can slide behind your eyes

This is physically impossible, because there is a membrane around your eyes made to block any foreign body.


– Contact lens care is tedious and hard

Absolutely wrong, after each use just put your contact lenses in their case and before closing it, let them soak in a multi-function or cleaning solution which will moisturize, rehydrate and disinfect them.


– Contact lenses correction is not as good as with prescription glasses

Wrong, today contact lenses are able to correct almost every vision issues like nearsightedness, foresightedness, astigmatism. Contact lenses exist for any level of correction needed.


– Children can’t wear contact lenses

This is wrong, minor just need the authorization of their parents to wear contact lenses. Mostly ophthalmologists recommend that the child has reached the age of 10 or 12. The child needs to be mature enough in his mind to respect the basic rules of hygiene and take care the contact lenses properly.


– Contact lenses are expensive

It was true two decades ago, but today colored contact lenses are sold for less than $20 a pair and corrective contact lenses are just a bit more expensive. It is always cheaper than buying prescription glasses.



We hope that now all these old stereotypes about circle lenses and contact lenses are over. Maybe you are ready to cross the line and try sone of our awesome circle lenses. Take a look to our lens catalogues and find the circle lens pair that will suit you the best.


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