Are Circle Lenses Safe Enough to Wear without any Risk

Are Circle Lenses Safe ?

Can I Wear Circle Lenses without any Risk for my Eyes ?



If it is the first time that you think about wearing contact lenses you might wonder if Korean circle lenses are safe and if you can wear them without taking any risk.

Yes, rest assured that circle lenses (big eyes lenses) just as classic colored contact lenses found at any optical shop are perfectly safe for your eyes as long as that you are buying lenses from reliable brands as Dueba, Vassen, and Geo which are the most famous circle lenses brands in the world, in Europe and US as well as in Asian countries.

Only wear lenses that properly match your prescription and with the right base curve, but don’t forget that the main condition to use color lenses safely is to take a take good care of them and follow all the directions given by your ophthalmologist or the information published on our cosmetic lens blog such as contact lenses tips.

Only people who do not have a perect hygiene face problems when wearing contact lenses or Korean lenses. People who respect the rules never have any problem.

Legitimate brands like Geo, Dueba or Vassen are approved by many associations of the KFDA, ISO and also have US FDA or CE certification, you cannot have any problem.