Can I Wear Corrective Contact Lenses and Colored Contact Lenses During Pregnancy ?

Can I Wear Corrective Contact Lenses And Colored Contact Lenses During Pregnancy ?


You are pregnant and wondering if it could be a problem to wear contact lenses or colored contact lenses (circle lenses) during your pregnancy ?

At first, as you probably noticed, a pregnant woman’s body is confronted to physical changes, as for example a variable blood pressure and hormonal disorders. One of these hormones is called progesterone and among other symptoms it can modified the curve of the cornea and retina, the eye can also swell a little. During pregnancy women are frequently prone to dry eye and light sensitivity which can irritate the eyes and prevent from wearing contact lenses. Less often a pregnant woman can get a blur vision caused by gestational diabetes.

If you are suffering of one of these issues there is always a solution depending your symptom. If you feel uncomfortable wearing your contact lenses it is maybe that your eye curve has changed, in that case you need to visit your ophthalmologist who will check and prescribe you the right contact lenses to wear. Another simple solution is to swap your contact lenses with your prescription glasses or ask your eye doctor to prescribe a glasses pair until delivery. If you really want to keep your contact lenses then you should wear only the soft ones which are more adaptive to the tiny changes that your eye can encounter during pregnancy. To avoid any eye infection you might wear daily disposable contact lenses. Don’t favor aesthetic purpose over your eyes health.




On the other hand, if you wear colored contact lenses only for cosmetic purpose, it is recommended to reduce the time that you usually wear them and take them off immediately if you feel any discomfort. If you feel not comfortable wearing your colored contact lenses it could mean that an infection have started.

Let’s finish with the delivery, ophthalmologists and nurses strongly recommend not to wear colored contact lenses during the delivery because there is a risk that you get a retinal detachment. Once again, during that day you should wear a pair of prescription glasses instead of contact lenses if you need vision correction.