Buy Color Lenses without Doctor Prescription

Buy Color Lenses without Doctor Prescription


You dreamed to have turquoise, blue lagoon, emerald green or hazel eyes? Your dreams are becoming reachable thanks to color contact lenses.


 Different than corrective opthalmologic contact lenses, color lenses made for cosmetic purpose are better quality products and can be bought without prescription from your eye doctor.


 As makeup or hairstyle, you can change your eyes appearance following your mood or an occasion. You can decide to be noticed at a party with astonishing supernatural circle lenses color like pink and purple which could be fluorescent too. At the opposite you can wear beautiful natural colors as a blue, green or gray circle lenses for a date , they are perfect to seduce and make you feel confident. Color lenses give you the chance to change the shape of your eyes if you want to. You’re up to decide if your color lenses will blend with your natural iris color or cover it totally. Lighty tints with glitters will catch the surounding lights and bring magic to your look.


 The circle lenses able to modify the size of your eyes are called “Big eyes” or “Dolly eyes”, an optical illusion created by the color lenses make your iris looks bigger. The trick is simple, in fact the pattern printed on the circle lens is larger than an average iris size and cover a part of the white of the eye. Your look will get more intense which will make you more desirable and sexyer in any circumstance.


 This new generation of circle lenses also called “Korean lenses” are easy to put on and wear. There is no risk if you respect the basic rules of hygiene, which are the same as corrective contact lenses. Instead of regular contact lenses our circle lenses are much more comfortable, because they are soft and made from a plastic able to absorb and keep water, once your circle lenses are on it is impossible to feel that something is on your eye.


 The only limit with circle lenses designs is your imagination, you can listen to your craziest ideas and find color lenses which will fit your needs. For example circle lenses are perfect to complete a costume and become an alien, a cat, a vampire, a zombie or a monster. It is even possible to wear circle lenses with message written on it as “happy new year”, “merry Christmas”, “I want you”, “love you”, “kiss me” etc… Other kind of crazy circle lenses have logo on them, what do you thing about having a heart, aces, spiral, religious symbols, and more?


 To be able to wear circle lenses it is very important as we said earlier to respect the basic rules of hygiene and care . Try to remember when did you open your circle lenses and calculate when it is time to throw them away, don’t keep your circle lenses for too long. If you start to feel uncomfortable while wearing them it is maybe time to change for a new pair of color lenses. Color lenses shelf life is 5 years and 1 year after opening.


 Among others recommendations of hygiene, never try to wear circle lenses already used by someone else, it will avoid any risk of contamination. Always use good lens care solution from trusted brand. Don’t sleep with your color lenses even for a nap. It it not recommended to swim with your circle lenses, they will become dry and stick to your eye or the inside of your eyelid. People with allergies problems causing inflammation, tears, itching, conjunctivitis and others ocular issues might consult an ophthalmologist before trying circle lenses on.


 If you take under consideration all these recommendations, you will wear your circle lenses the safest way that is possible. You will enjoy all the positive side and benefits of wearing color circle lenses. As millions of consumers around the world you will become addict to that wonderful product.