Buy Colored Contact Lenses without Prescription or Correction

Buy Colored Contact Lenses without Prescription or Correction


You can find on the largest choice of cosmetic contact lens or circle lens on the Internet. All our contact lenses are without correction and can be bought without medical prescription. It means that all our models and designs are for everyone and can be worn daily by anybody. As you can understand our circle lenses don’t correct your vision but they can be worn with prescription glasses without problem. Our colored contact lenses are for cosmetic purpose only.


The soft contact lenses that we propose to our customers without medical prescription are very easy to use and very comfortable to wear. These contact lenses are today a real fashion accessory good to catch people’s attention. You can choose your colored contact lenses (Korean lens) based on your mood, your clothes or a special purpose like a party or a meeting. You can choose to wear colored contact lenses for a natural look or eccentric colored lenses design to look special. The choice of designs is unlimited, the only limit is your imagination. You can prefer to wear circle lenses that play with transparency and blend the lens color with your iris color to get a natural look.

The final result depends of your iris color, if your eyes are dark you’ll probably find one circle lens pair that can perfectly suit you, but the same pair might not match on somebody else light eyes.


The whole question about choosing the right design is about taste, as there is no standard.

If you have light eye color you can play and try colors like, dark blue, azure blue, gray-blue, electric blue, emerald green or why not hazel and black ? If your eyes are dark then you better use opaque circle lenses, this product range also provides a large amount of designs and colors.

These lenses have a sub-category which is called “crazy lens” and dedicated to costume party or celebrations like Halloween or New Year’s Eve. These opaque crazy contact lenses are ideal to complete a costume and turn your eyes into a creature’s eyes, for example you can have zombie eye or vampire, cat, reptile, dragon and more. Check our product range named CRAZY LENS.


It is possible to buy colored contact lenses without doctor’s prescription, you don’t need to buy them in an optician shop either.

For your safety the most important is to choose the right online shop selling genuine products. If you find a website proposing very cheap contact lenses ($3, $4, $5…) then they are probably counterfeit products which could harm your eyes. Try to avoid Chinese colored contact lens websites too. is the website that you need, we provide only genuine brands as Vassen, Geo and Dueba. The average price for one circle lens pair is around $19.90 which is very affordable for a product of this quality. You can find many reviews online talking about us. We also share with you on this website news and circle lens care information.

All our colored contact lenses meet international standards as FDA approved and CE approved, your eyes will be 100% safe.