Can my Contact Lenses Freeze with Cold Temperatures ?

Can my Contact Lenses Freeze with Cold Temperatures ?


We can wonder if during the cold and temperatures bellow 0 that we can encounter in some parts of the world during the winter or in the mountains during a ski session, it is possible to wear circle contact lenses. Many people wonder if their Korean lenses can freeze, especially with soft circle lenses which contain water.


The ophthalmologist’s answer is categorical, there is no risk to wear soft circle lenses even if the thermometer goes under 5°F (-15°C).


This information is easy to check among millions circle lenses wearer living in cold part of the world close to the north pole as Canadian, Icelandic, Russian or Swedish people. All these people don’t have special problems to live in the cold with their contact lenses.


The only inconvenience is light prickling related to dry eyes, but it also occurs with mild temperatures.

In this case the only antidote and thing to do is to use some eye drops or multi-purpose solution to moisturize your eyes and your circle lenses. Actually there is no problem to wear circle lenses even in the cold because your eye tears which lubricate and moisturize are always at your body temperature. Your body heat is directly transmitted to your contact lenses via the tears. But of course if you have to go out in the blizzard and if outside the temperature is -22°F (-30°C), you better wear ski goggles with your contact lenses or remove them, at this temperature even your fingers or feet can freeze.


The important point is to always respect the basic rules of hygiene, your circle lenses have to be kept in a temperate area and must be soaked in their multi-purpose or cleaning solution.


You have to be careful if you want to handle your circle lenses outside under cold temperature as your fingers might be cold and make the handling tough. Prefer to remove and insert your contact lenses only at home.


Now that you know everything about cold weather and circle lenses your are ready to start building your igloo or go skiing with your korean lenses.