Cheap Homemade Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Cheap Homemade Cosplay Costume for Halloween


  You like having fun watching people disguised and you always wanted to do like them, but something stops you and you don’t dare to try. It could be for many reasons, maybe you believe that cosplaying is expensive or you think that you are going to need a lot of time to make a costume, even worst you are afraid to be ridiculous. Some of you would like to wear a costume but are scared to show it, because it is true that when you go out with your costume on everybody will look at you, so what is the solution ?

If you want to start to cosplay, the best thing to do is not to go down the street to the grocery and feel that everybody is staring at you. If you do this the first time when you wear a costume you will feel uncomfortable and won’t renew this experience again.

If you really want to start cosplaying I recommend you to try it at home. Do it for yourself and have fun with accessories that you can find around you, for example you can borrow toys from you little brother or sister and add some clothes to look like (even from far) the character that you have decided to play.

The important thing with cosplay is having fun. You can have fun while playing your character but you will also get more fun when receiving feedbacks from others people. When you are confident and happy to look at you in the mirror with your costume on, why don’t you take a selfie and share the photo with your friends via Instagram or Facebook ? 

You’ll see that quickly you’ll get as friend people sharing the same hobby as you, maybe some of them are your neighboors and you didn’t know that they love cosplaying like you.

Today I want to share with you a funny way to make from scratch your costume without spending a dime. A good idea to start making cheap costumes at home to make your friends laugh or admire you on Facebook.

Most of the time people believe that cosplay have to be a Japan Anime character but this is wrong. You can be any character that you want.

If it reminds you your childhood your can choose too reproduce a Disney character, the kind and funny blue genie from Aladdin.

To make this costume we won’t focus on the details but the result is quite good, isn’t it? 

The main thing to do with this character is to choose the blue color, for example with a long blue towel to cover your legs, a blue shirt for your chest and a blue scotch tape to cover the rest of your body in blue. To apply on your skin the blue color with the tape you might choose a paper scotch tape instead of duct tape because a duct tape will be hard and painful to take off especially on the hairy parts of your body.

When you put the blue tape on your face don’t forget to make holes for your eyes and the most important for your mouth and nose to get some air to breath. 

Add some details on your face with a marker to make your eyebrows and the genie’s mustache. Create few more details as the hair bundle of the genie by cutting a black future board or even plastic or paper. Cut pieces of paper to make earrings and stick them to your ears. Keep the hard paper roll of your finished scotch tape to make a bracelet and voila !

You are now ready for posing and be the genie coming out of the lamp. Oups! Here we don’t have a lamp but, as you can see on the photo, the toilet is perfect to come out and bring a lot of fun to the main picture.

You can choose to come out a flower pot, your trash, your sink, a bidet or anything that crosses your mind. Once again the spirit of cosplaying is to have fun.

If you’re already a cosplayer you can also get some ideas from the Internet by looking at the photos that are available and you will find many people who create costumes from scratch with materials that you didn’t think you could use for yourself. Many guys online are genius (or genies) because he made cosplay accessible to the masses.

Do not wait any longer and try to make your own costume and use your imagination. Don’t forget that you can give a final touch to all of your costumes with a pair of contact lenses, I propose you to have a look at the online boutique where you can find many funny crazy color lenses for less than $20.