Choose Costume Contact Lenses for your next Party

Choose Costume Contact Lenses for your next Party


 Are you going to celebrate Halloween or disguise for a birthday party or a cosplay gathering?

It is clear that color contact lenses are essential to complete your costume or an Halloween makeup.

Everyone knows that for the Rio carnival or New Orleans carnival contact lenses are an important part of a costume especially for drag queens, contact lenses are an accessory that extravagant people like to use to complete their transformation, but not only.

In many occasions it’s a good chance to wear contact lenses. For example Halloween is the celebration during which circle color lenses are mostly used, for Halloween everyone wants to be disguised on the 30th October’s night.

for example if you dress up with a witch costume, choose to wear green electric color lenses or light blue lenses. For a zombie costume or a demon prefer to wear white lenses to take off the life in your eyes. If you prefer to be a vampire then you might choose to wear red contact lenses. Without contact lenses if you choose to be one of these characters the effect won’t be the same and your cosplay will fail, people can even mock you.

It’s possible to add effect thanks to the contact lenses and make your eyes look different. You can create the illusion that one of your eyes is dead (milky eye) or push others to believe that your eyes are injected of blood. With color lenses it is even possible to make your eyes look as a lizard eyes, as the aliens in the series “V”, make people believe that you are a cross breed between a human and a snake or a crocodile. You can even change your eyes to another predator eyes as a lion or a tiger.

On the other side if you plan to party for a carnival or a birthday costumes are not the same because the themes of these parties are different: we don’t celebrate death during carnival, but happiness and joy. Once again your contact lenses will help you to create a character following your imagination. You could choose to add fun in your eyes with pop colors as pink, purple, yellow, gold or silver. You can even make your eyes bigger by choosing larger size of contact lens. On we propose our customers a special catalog for celebration including “crazy lenses”. With these lenses you can make your eyes look like a smiley, a heart, an ace, a dollar or even show a message as “kiss me ” or “I love you”.

Let me give you an idea if you decide to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans you can have fun by playing with two colors, put a green contact lens in one eye and a smiley lens in the other one. With these color lenses on for Mardi Gras you will become a star, or maybe not really a star but people will have fun looking at you. For sure you will make new friends because these people will come to talk to you. With shiny colors your eyes will catch the light and your look will be more intense.

Everything is possible with contact lenses, the only limit is your imagination. Don’t ban yourself of using any kind of color lenses, just follow your feelings and listen your heart to fully enjoy the experiment. Change your look just for one night during a celebration or everyday in your daily life with circle lenses.