Choose Your FDA Approved Halloween Soft Contact Lenses

Choose Your FDA Approved Halloween Soft Contact Lenses


Every year when October 31st is coming it’s the same story. You have to be creative and imaginative to find the best Halloween costume that will impress and surprise other people for Halloween. Among all the fantasy characters that can inspire you from literature or Hollywood movies, you can find witches, fairies, elves, leprechaun, vampires, mummies, extraterrestrials, zombies, and wild or legendary animals.

To complete your costume we propose you numerous FDA approved Halloween circle lenses cosplay designs, to wear with any kinds of costumes. These contact lenses are just some ideas to help you make your character convincing and give credibility to your cosplay.


If you like big cats, you could for example costume yourself as a cat and get your inspiration from Catwoman in Batman, for this character we recommend a pair of catwoman eyes cosplay circle lenses Geo SF-G05 which are green cat eyes or maybe you will prefer the yellow cat eyes Geo SF-Y05.


Another classic character, the Devil also called Lucifer or Beelzebub with his red cape, his horns and pitchfork. For this costume the best matching Beelzebub eyes lenses are the black and red Geo CP-K4 ”Naruto Kakashi Sharingan” and the Geo SF-R05 which are really well done and impressive.


Of course Halloween celebration will be meaningless without few zombies, we often prefer to call them living dead or walking dead. If you want to freak out your guest or people at the party you are going to, then we have exactly what you need. To look very scary you can wear Marilyn Manson’s favorite crazy soft contact lenses which are Geo Manson SF-16 black and white, or maybe you will prefer a pair of red and white Geo SF-11.


Another character that match Halloween is the vampire. Today you can choose between Dracula or Twilight characters like Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black or Alice Cullen. You can wear the red Geo Cp-S6 Volturi, the Geo CR-04 or Geo SF-20.


If you want to play a green monster like Hulk, Frankenstein or an extraterrestrial, then wear a green pair of Hulk circle lenses as the Geo SF-17, Geo SF-35 or Geo SF-79. You can be sure that these lenses will have a huge impact on the way you look even if your costume is not so good.


As you can see it is very easy to find colored circle lenses to match your Halloween costume. All you have to to is to buy some of our high quality genuine FDA Halloween soft contact lenses on


And if you still hesitate you should have a look at our Korean Halloween blog which is full of good ideas for this scary party.