Wear Crazy Contact Lens for your next Crazy Party

Wear Crazy Contact Lens for your next Crazy Party


As everyone, for a special event you may feel like to leave you suit and your daily clothes away to quit the routine or change the classic style and dull colors that you usually wear.

Of course clothes and some accessories allow you to break up your shackles, but you can feel more free by being another person, choose to wear plano cosmetic contact lenses to enjoy a world of fantasy, dream and eccentricity without limits.


Occasions to party and wear color contact lenses often happen as Halloween, New Year’s eve, Christmass, Birthday, graduation, bachelor or bachelorette party, 4th July, Mardi Gras and much more.


The range of circle lenses called “Crazy lens” will satisfy your craziest desires as having the Terminator eyes or the Underworld vampire eyes, but you can also wear purple or pink eyes to look like girls in mangas (Japanese comics), choose green lenses to have the green eyes of the incredible Hulk, white lenses to have the white eyes of tornado in X-men or even chooe the fawn color eyes of Bella in Twilight. Among other possibilities, you might want to get the blue eyes of the handsome elf Logolas in the epic “Lord Of The Rings” or the blue glassy eyes of Vin Diesel in “the Chronicles of Riddick”, but the choice is unlimited because beautiful eyes are everywhere. And you can as well refer to comics and movies or create your own character by being a bit creative.


Tints and shapes of Crazy circle lenses let you fulfill your fantasies as getting fluorescent eyes glowing in the dark, a psychedelic iris, eyes with skull and crossbones, Lili flower, heart, ace, leopard fur, zebra, clock, pentacle, Muslim or Jewish symbol, spider web, radio active logo, a smiley, a butterfly, soccer ball, spiral…


Everything that you need to have fun and enjoy your life cost $19 a pair, in other words almost nothing!

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