Color Contact Lenses in Cinema Movies

Color Contact Lenses in Cinema Movies


Contact lenses are part of the magic in the cinema industry. Directors use circle lenses to create characters by modifying an actor look. Circle lens is an essential element of the visual effect range to give credibility to an actor while playing a special character as for example a vampire or a super hero like Hulk , Mystique or The Beast. The director can make a character stick to the imagination of his creator thanks to circle lenses.


For example in the science-fiction or fantastic movie domain the character Riddick won’t be so charismatic without his blue and glowing eyes. Riddick would loose all his credibility with the audience if he didn’t have his scary eyes.

Here are some others examples to show you how important circle lenses are in the cinema industry. Do you remember the movie “The Mutant 3” where the main character is an alien women with blue phosphorescent circle lenses ? With one look she can freak you out. Hard to forget the green electric eyes of “The Incredible Hulk” when he gets angry or the green lightly eyes of the hero in “Green Lantern”. Think also about the vampires in “Twilight”, their eye color change when they are hunting or when they fight from red to yellow. There are tons of example of characters using circle lenses in the cinema industry as Johnny Depp in “Alice and wonderland” playing the role of the “Mad Hatter,Tarrant Hightopp” his character has incredible yellow eyes which give all the power to this role. Still with Johnny Depp we can forget “Edward Scissorhands” who wore brown color lenses with enlargement to make the iris and the eyes look bigger.


The last example in the fantastic movie world is about zombies, very trendy since few years with the worldwide success of the series “The Walking Dead”. The actors playing zombies have to wear light blue or white circle lenses to give a sense to what is a zombie. Movies as “The Army Of The Death”, “Shaun Of The Dead” or “Resident Evil” need to use the same kind of color lenses to make their zombies as scary as possible. All around the world there are gathering related to that phenomenon, people cosplaying zombie choose a town to walk together like zombies, it looks scary but actually it’s a very fun and friendly gathering.


Now let’s talk about a more realistic character who doesn’t look like a strange creature. In the cinema industry color lenses are also often used as cosmetic lenses, just to help the actors to look a little bit different. Sometimes the director just want to fit to a character created by a writer and coming from a best seller. If in a book a writer often talks about the eye color of his character and a director wants to adapt this book for theater then there is no alternative but wearing color lenses. For example Jennifer Aniston in “Bruce Almighty” wears beautiful turquoise color lenses making her more charming than ever or Megan Fox in “Bad Boys 2” uses blue lagoon circle lenses making her sexier than ever.


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