Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Makeup

If you are a Tim Burton Movie fan, you maybe want to use one of his famous characters for Halloween, we suggest you to make Edward Scissorhands  costume and makeup . of course you remember that this character is played by Johnny Depp, a sensitive person, innocent and good, drown in loneliness after his creator death, Edward is also rejected by other people because of his physical appearance. His particularity is to have sharp scissors blades instead of human hands.

To create Edward Scissorhands costume, you’ll first need to get his hairstyle. If your hair doesn’t match the character you will need a black mid-length wig, do this wig busy with gel. For the clothes you will need a black coverall, or just a black slim T-shirt and black slim paints. Don’t forget black gloves, black shoes, and few black belts with metal and chrome on them. The hardest part is to find a way to create the scissor blades, we don’t need to use real blade or it would be too dangerous, we can just find any material and paint it with a metal color. We recommend you to use a very light material like future board, balsa wood or even plastic flatware. Once you are satisfied with the way your blades look, grab a gray or silver spray paint and paint them.

If you want to reach perfection and really look like Edward for Halloween, you need to order color lenses on internet to get huge black dolly eyes, but you maybe already have huge black eyes and don’t need color lenses. If you need these big black eyes then come to Solution-Lens.com and check out our “Cosplay Animation” product range. For this character the best color lenses are GEO CP-F7, you can as well compare all our different black color lenses providing numerous nice effects.



Next step, your Edward Scissorhands character makeup. This character has a pale complexion with a lot of scars made by his scissor hands, yes Edward is sometimes clumsy! To make your fake scars you can use latex like professionals, it’s quite easy to find online. If you don’t want to use latex there is a plan B which is the use of glue, but please if you choose this method find the best non-toxic glue possible, even some that is edible if you can. When you have a good glue put it in a cup and add foundation powder to match your skin color and delay with a bit of water, stir it up and let the glue becomes harder, it has to look like rubber. When you have this texture you are ready to apply the glue on your face and create the scars with the shape that you want. If you look closer, Edward doesn’t have eyebrows, so you can decide to shave them like a monk but it’s a bit extreme, you might prefer to cover them with the glue or the latex, and maybe the white foundation will be enough to hide everything. We are sure that you will find the best way to hide your eyebrows.

Last step, the makeup. Apply white foundation on your face and your neck. Then darken the skin area around your eyes including eyelids with black foundation, add some shadows on the cheekbones areas and both sides of your nose. The final touch is the black lipstick made to reinforce the dark side of the character and make him look sad to give him an air of melancholy. This character is now ready and matches perfectly Halloween spirit.