Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween

Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween

Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween


If you want to add colors to your life and want to try something new for your next fun party, follow our extra bold and creative tutorials to add some colors to your eyebrows.


We will show you how to get fancy eyebrows for Halloween and any fancy parties. Check out these fun tutorials here.


How To Get Colourful Eyebrows.

If you follow fashion magazines and catwalk makeup trends, you will see that many people dye their hair an unnatural hair color such as pink, orange or green. Some people also dye their eyebrows to match their hair color. Many people choose to paint or dye their eyebrows just to look bold and different from others and of course Lady Gaga is one of them too with her glittery green eyebrows.


Here is a technique to learn to know how to change your eyebrows.

Coloured Eyebrows Tutorial


Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween


What You need

1. White cream eyeshadow or white mascara or white pencil eyeliner.

2. Cream base eyeshadow, you can choose any color to paint your eyebrows.

3. Pigment or pressed powder eyeshadow.

4. Eyebrows makeup brush.

5. Coloured mascara, you can also use clear mascara.


Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween

How to do

1. Use white eyepencil, white mascara or any white cream base to apply over the brows to create your desired shape. You can also use lipliner for the base. Using sticky texture as a base will let you coat and show the best color on your eyebrows.

2. Go over the white base with blue or any color of your choice with cream eyeshadow.

3. Apply pigment or pressed powder eyeshadow to set the brow.

4. Use makeup remover to clean off any fallen products.

Done ! Now you will have fun coloured eyebrows for your fancy makeup look. With this technique, you can change your eyebrows to any colour that you wish !


Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween


Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween


Glitter Eyebrows Tutorial


 Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween



Another great idea for your Halloween makeup. You can adapt this technique to fit your own makeup style. In this tutorial we will use latex glue mixed with glitters and add nail diamonds to create fake eyebrows.

 Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween


What you need to prepare

1. Plastic sheet

2. Latex glue

3. Mixing bowl

4. Glitters or any nails decorations

5. Plastic spoon

Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween

How to Create Glitter Eyebrows


1. Draw a few eyebrows outlines on the paper sheet.

2. Mix latex glue together with glitters and stir well.

3. Place the paper underneath a plastic sheet and carefully drop the mixture glue on it. Try to make a thin layer as much as you can.

4. Sprinkle glitters, diamonds or any decoration that you like all over the mixture and let it dry. Let the glue set up for 1 night.

 Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween

1. Peel the eyebrows off the plastic when the glue is completely dry and cut to the shape you want.

2. Conceal your eyebrows

3. Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue on the fake eyebrows.

4. Put the fake eyebrows on and press it firmly on to your skin.

You should practice often to make sue that you will get the right eyebrows shape that will match with your face.

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We hope that you will like these tutorials and have fun at your party.

 Fancy Eyebrows Tutorials For Halloween