Following Your Style What Color Lenses Should You Wear

Following Your Style What Color Lenses Should You Wear ?

Following Your Style What Color Lenses Should You Wear


Color contact lenses often override glasses to correct vision problems. Be aware that color lenses are now available as fashion accessories. They are usable by persons with 10/10 vision in there eyes because there is a range of colourful corrective lenses that only changes your eye color. These novelty lenses are fashionable eccentric lenses that you can wear in unconventional surroundings, for parties, for dressing up or just to change your look at the time for a special occasion.

There are many different types of color lenses for very different results:

– Light effect color contact lenses are very well worn by people with clear eyes
– Natural effect color contact lenses slightly change the colour of your eyes in a natural way
– Colour intensive effect contact lenses allow you to change the colour of your eyes in an instant
– Fantasy Halloween color contact lenses transform your eyes into cat eyes, vampire eyes or any other creature eyes, they are therefore ideal for disguised evenings or to play a role

The current trend would be hazel lenses that give you one touch of glamour. Fancy color contact lenses have been around for a few years in Canada and it is not uncommon to see them in nightclubs for example. There are many models wearing them and the demand in this area is increasing. The Geo Halloween Lens catalogue offers a wide choice. Their price is very cheap and they are accessible to the greatest number. In all cases it is cheaper to buy color contact lenses on the Internet and easier to choose. Contact lenses are always more expensive at high street or malls optical shops, It’s about $20 in the catalogues on the net and a lot more in real shops for the same products.


Following Your Style What Color Lenses Should You Wear

You can check with a doctor what is the size of your eyes (base curve) to choose the most appropriate color lenses. You can find fancy lenses in beauty shops, department stores, optical shops and on the Internet. It is worth noting that soft circle lenses are more comfortable to wear because being originally made for Asian people who have very sensitive eyes they can’t be bad for Caucasian eyes. Also consider to buy eye care adapted solutions along with your lenses to make sure that you will clean them with the proper products.

Cleaning your lenses is important and you must respect their expiration date found in the instructions accompanying your lens box. Color contact lenses covering the iris they can reduce the eye oxygenation and the misuse of lenses can lead to eyes disorders, so never sleep with your lenses in.

In summary, changing the natural color of the eyes has never been easier: color contact lenses are easily accessible on Internet shops and they are affordable. The only precaution to take is not to abuse using them to preserve your health.

Circle lenses are currently the most popular color contact lenses since many singers are wearing them in music videos and since many celebrities wear them on a regular basis.