How to Clean Your Face when Wearing Color Lenses

How to Clean Your Face When Wearing Color Lenses ?


People who don’t wear contact lenses are scared to take the plunge because they are wondering about many things, even those wearing contact lenses for a long time don’t dare to do things that they could actually do with their color lenses.

Most of the time our customer ask us this question : ” Can I keep my circle lenses on when I take a shower or a bath? “

When you take a shower or a bath the right thing to do is to take off your Circle lenses. You should do the same if you want to wash your face. Your contact lenses should never be in contact with tap water, because this water contains bacteria and germs which could contaminate your lenses and infect your eyes.

Among the most feared dangers that could be issues, there is the acanthamoeba, a sort of amoeba which is a bacteria very difficult to eliminate. This bacteria cause a full blindness, the only treatment is a cornea transplant. But don’t worry too much because this is the worst bacteria that you can find in tap water and it’s actually hard to find.

Most people victim of the acanthamoeba have been wearing dirty circle lenses and didn’t take care properly of their eyes accessories. Sometimes the color lenses were cleaned with tap water only and their hands were been dirty too. In others cases their contact lenses have been splashed with contaminated water from a sewer, a canal or a river.

This is why it is very important to respect the hygiene rules as cleaning and drying carefully your hands every time you touch your circle color lenses with your fingers. Your circle lenses have to be cleaned with a special care solution every time after they have been manipulated, and you also have to keep your lenses safe in a dedicated case filled with lens care solution. These rules work for any kind of circle lens, with or without correction.

A recent survey reveled a very scary phenomenon. Only 10% of contact lenses users respect the rules of hygiene and safety, so you can understand that they are the cause of their problems and that contact lenses actually are safe.

The overwhelming majority of people do not realize that color lenses are safe fashion accessories only if they follow the rules. A color lens has to be manipulated carefully with a rigorous care and a lot of attention.

Others important rules to respect to avoid harming your eyes are the following: never sleep with your circle lenses even for a nap and do not wear Korean lenses that have expired (the date is printed on the label).

All these issues which could occur are easy to avoid if you follow the easy basic rules of care. You should never skimp on hygiene precaution concerning your Korean contact lenses to keep your precious eyes far away from the danger, your eyes are irreplaceable.

You won’t encounter any kind of issue as 99% of people who wear everyday or occasionally circle lenses in the world if you respect the basic rules.

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