How to Make Fake Blood For a Halloween Zombie Makeup

How to Make Fake Blood For a Halloween Zombie Makeup?


For a costume Halloween party, of course you can use fake blood capsules bought in a party goods and costume shop if you want to disguise as a zombie, vampire or any other blood sucker creature.

But there is a way to save money by creating your own fake blood. We can create a non-toxic and hypoallergenic fake blood that will be safer for you or your children than the one we can find in stores. 

Another good point is that we can create a big quantity of blood at a very low cost. With our fake blood you can generously cover your body with blood or let it leak from your mouth like a vampire, zombie or any other creature loving human flesh taste. 


We do not advise the use of beef or pork blood that you get from a butchery, because it will coagulate and rot quickly, it will then stink and it is not hygienic at all. 


To make fake blood, many recipes already exist, here we want to share with you the recipes using ingredients that you should find in your kitchen, our blood will be then perfectly edible, there will be nothing to worry about if you have to use our blood in your mouth. 

To get a nice viscosity, use honey plus red food coloring agent, you can add a little bit of green food coloring agent to make the color of coagulated blood. Add a bit of coffee powder to create a more realistic old blood texture. You can prepare your fake blood one day or two before using it and keep it in your fridge. 


Another easy way to make fake blood is to mix corn syrup with pomegranate with few drops of chocolate syrup (Hershey’s). For a coagulated blood which always look darker just add a tea spoon of cocoa. 


Let’s end this tutorial with one more blood recipe that all the family can make for Halloween. This time, we start with gelatin mixed with water to get the right blood viscosity, adjust the water to get the expeted result and add beetroot juice with few drops of mint syrup.



Now that you have blood you need to wear on, scary circle lenses to look like a real zombie or vampire. We recommend you the red and white circle lenses Geo SF-65, you can also have a look to our product range “Crazy” on and find the most scary circle lenses of your dreams. Circle lenses are safe and affordable, we sell only genuine brands like Geo, Vassen or Dueba, so you can be sure about the quality of our products.