Is it Dangerous to Play Sport when Wearing Color Lens

Is it Dangerous to Play Sport when Wearing Color Lens


You are playing sport as a hobby, at school or to a high level with competitions and you wish to keep your contact lenses on during playing it. Your contact lenses are plano or corrective lenses and you are wondering if it is dangerous to play your favorite sport while wearing contact lenses?

Let’s be clear first: if you wear contact lenses just for style or to be fashionable and do not need correction, then it is better to take off your color lenses before starting playing sport, if you wear contact lenses because your eyes need correction then it’s another problem.

Indeed, wearing corrective lenses when you’re having a physical activity, especially a sport could be a real advantage. Contact lenses give you a larger field of vision instead of traditional glasses. You’ll feel more free with nothing on your nose and in your field of vision. Contact lenses allow you to evaluate distances more accurately and you won’t be annoyed anymore with the mist sticking on your glasses, or finger prints and dust. Glasses can easily drop and break too, lenses will never move.

With glasses there is another inconvenient, your glasses can be forbidden in many sports because they could harm you or another player. Sports as Rugby, American Football, Hockey, Water Polo, Jet ski, Wake-board, Swimming, Soccer and many others don’t allow the player to wear glasses. Scuba-diving and mask diving are not compatible with glasses as well. Even sports where accuracy is needed don’t allow regular glasses, for example sports as archery, trap-shooting, biathlon, rifle shooting et… With martial arts as boxing, MMA, Taekwondo, karate, full contact, K1, Muay Thai, Judo, Kung-fu etc, it is of course impossible to wear glasses as they could break so quickly.

So, if you really can’t play sport without an accessory to correct your vision then contact lenses are the best choice for you.

Contact lenses are not dangerous if you follow the hygiene and care recommendations. For any sport involving water, youmust avoid most of the problems that you can encounter by choosing to wear “soft” and “daily” disposable color lenses.

Make the same choice of contact lenses for other sports as athletics, martial arts, horse-ridding, motocross…

Be aware that if you play mountain sports you will be confronted to hard conditions as altitude, rare oxygen and powerful sunlight. In this case you might prefer to wear “hard” contact lenses. Choose as well this kind of lenses for shooting sports because hard contact lenses have greater visual acuity.

Do not forget to always take 2 or 3 spare disposable contact lenses with you, just in case you loose a lens while playing your favorite sport, and don’t forget to take lubricating and lens care solution too.

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