Japanese Manga Style FDA Approved Soft Circle Lenses

Japanese Manga Style FDA Approved Soft Circle Lenses


Are you interested by Japanese culture and especially mangas (comic books) ir animated series?
Many colored contact lenses designs are available on Solution-Lens.com, they will give you the opportunity to look like your favorite manga hero for Halloween, a cosplay convention, a birthday party or new year’s eve, but you can eventually also wear these contact lenses in your daily life.


Among the incredible choice of patterns that you can choose, we can talk about the black and red opaque circle lenses from Naruto, their name in our lens catalogue is CP-S1 (Naruto Sharingan Ushiwa), but you can also choose between the Geo Cp-S3 (Naruto Mangekyo Sharingan Itachi) and Geo CP-K4 (Naruto Mangekyo Sharingan Kakashi). Actually we have more designs for this character as the GEO SP-S9 (Naruto Mangekyo Saringan Madara) and GEO CP-S8 (Naruto Mangekyo Sharigan Susake).



Generally in Japanese comic books (mangas) and animated series, most characters have very big eyes and you might want to have the same eyes.

You can make this transformation with circle lenses also called Korean lenses. All the soft circle lenses models that we sell are very comfortable and safe to use. Our customer’s eyes safety is all we care, this is why we only sell genuine contact lenses which meet international standards like FDA, CE and ISO.

For example you can get the beautiful Dueba Pure blue, Vassen Kirei or Geo Nova WTB42 blue. If you prefer green contact lenses you can take a look at the Geo Nova WTB43 or Vassen Allure. If you prefer brown tone like hazel choose Geo Angel CM834 or Geo Grang Grang HC-244.

With these contact lenses being your favorite character will be a piece of cake, even if it’s a boy or a girl. These lenses will improve your appearance and your personality giving power and intensity to your eyes.


Set your mind free, listen to your fantasies and take your inspiration from any character from the manga universe, for example: Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Shingeki no Kyojin, Akira, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gamaran, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Death Note, One Peace, Black Jack, Black Jack, detective Conan, Golgo 13…




Thanks to Solution-Lens.com, we keep ready for delivery an impressive amount of different contact lenses designs, with a special product range dedicated for Halloween and cosplay purposes. Have a look at the stunning supernatural golden vassen Kirei, red Vassen Margarita, black Geo Magic WCK-113 or the pink Vassen Cici.

No matter the manga character than you plan to play, Solution-Lens.com will always give you what you need, and icing on the cake our circle lenses are very affordable.

We also have special offers like “Buy 2 Pairs Get 1 Free”, “Buy 5 Pairs Get 2 Free”… but also weekly offers.

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Now that you can choose among all these characters to play, the hardest choice will be to choose one of them, Happy Cosplay or Halloween to you!