CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Pure Blue Contact Lens Review Geo Alice WT-B52 Blue

Pure Blue Contact Lens Review Geo Alice WT-B52 Blue



A Cutie Circle Lensing Review… Geo Alice Pure Blue/

These SUPER CUTE circle lenses, sold online by are perfect for the Cutie People that want to make their eyes look SUPER DOLLY, but natural. These lenses, great for both dark and light eyes, have a design that encircles your natural iris, gently blending the inner color of your eyes with a touch of Pure Blue for a dreamy like effect.

With a diameter of 15.0 plus a delicate black color of the outer ring, you can have the best of both worlds!!! Natural Dreamy and Super Wide Eyed. Price: $19.90 Free Shipping

Circle Lens Info:
1. Diameter 15.0
2. Water Content 55%
3. Base curve 8.6
4. 1 year disposal
5. Packaged in sterile buffered saline
6. FDA and EU approved contact lenses
7. Ophthalmologist certified
8. Buy without prescription
9. For both dark and light eyes


1. Natural eye color: Dark Brown
2. Favorite contact lenses: I like big blue lenses from the Geo and Super Pinky brands.
3. Do I often wear contacts: I often wear circle lenses when I want to look extra pretty when I go out.    
4. Where did I found out of I was googling the web for circle lenses with free shipping.
5.  Contacts I really like in  Vassen Edwina Blue, Vassen kimchi mio blue,  Nudy celeb blue:

                                                                                                                                                                  Review Score:
Color: 3/5              Color looks awesomely natural in daylight, looks dark in low light.
Comfort: 5/5         Super comfy, can’t even feel them.
Enlargement: 5/5 Noticeably enlarging

Overall Review:  4/5   Looks beautifully natural even when you look up close. Wished the blue colored ring was a bit larger so that there’s more blue in the eye and that the color was a bit more vibrant so that you can see it in low light. Really love the dolly effect.

Overall opinion on I think is the best site to buy contact lenses!!! Their costumer service is very fast in answering questions and ery helpful. It has the best discounts with lots of gifts and free contact lenses. What I would rcommend them to better is the organization of the lenses in the site, to make it easier to search through the lenses. But overal it’s Super Cool!!!
Here’s a link to the giveaway site for free circle lenses: