Questions Replies about Korean Circle Lenses

Questions Replies about Korean Circle Lenses

Questions Replies about Korean Circle Lenses


-Can I take a shower with my contact lenses?

You might not take a shower with your circle lenses but it is possible if you are very careful. If you really want to take a shower with your contact lenses then you have to avoid any water splash, shampoo or soap in your eyes when wearing color lenses. Keep your eyes close and make sure to clean your face with clear water before you reopen your eyes.



– Can contact lenses make lesion or cuts on cornea?

Yes but it hardly happens and it is only caused by hard circle lenses after a big shock on the head like a soccer ball or anything else that can be thrown, it can happen also if you have an accident and knock your head violently against something. If you have that kind of trouble an ophthalmologist can treat your injuries. If you decide to wear contact lenses and if you can choose you should prefer soft lenses. Soft circle lenses can be bend and even if you break them they can’t cause injuries to your eyes, they are very safe.



-Wearing color lenses could increase myopia or nearsightedness?

No, color lenses do not increase myopia at all, actually this is the opposite because circle lenses can correct any trouble of vision. Before trying anything you have to visit an ophthalmologist or any doctor to get the right contact lenses prescription.



– Can I loose my contact lenses behind my eyes?

Of course not, human eye is perfectly made and self-protected. The only issue that can occurs is that your color lens could slide under your eyelid after a shock on your head or while practicing violent sports like boxing, American football or hockey for example. Even if it happens don’t panic and just move back with a little massage the contact lens to its initial position. This is not painful and no need to worry about it.


Questions Replies about Korean Circle Lenses


-Are Korean circle lenses more dangerous than conventional contact lenses?

You should know first that Korean lenses are conventional contact lenses, they are also called circle lenses, or color lenses. Korea is the leader on the market and korean insdustry has the knowledge and technology to make reliable contact lenses. So it makes Korean lenses safe and of course not more dangerous than any others lenses. As a matter of fact people often use contact lenses without knowing the basics informations or without visiting a practitioner, in that case they can encounter some issues when wearing contact lenses. If you don’t want to have any problem you have to make sure to wear genuine lenses of trusted brands like Vassen, Geo Medical, Dueba, Dreamcon, these brand are the most famous available on the market. They are made in Korea and meet American (US FDA) and European (CE) standards. Avoid buying lenses on Chinese website because they often sell bad quality color lenses or even dangerous copies. You might prefer ordering fromfamous online store like which proposes a large choice of contact lenses and have very good feedbacks on the Internet.



-Can I clean my contact lenses with tap water?

Absolutely not ! You really have to avoid doing that because tap water contains bacterias and pathogenic germs that could spread on your lenses and cause infection to your eyes. To clean your contact lenses you have to use a cleansing and rinsing eye care solution only.



– Can a child wear circle lenses?

Yes indeed, there is no age limitation. But it is recommended to wait that the kid is grown enough to be responsible and mature to respect the elementary rules of hygiene to wear contact lenses properly. The child should be able to clean and care the lenses and has to be skilled enough to put the lenses on his eyes.



-Can I wear color lenses with my glasses?

There is no contraindication, you can even combine circle lenses with your sunglasses and it won’t affect your vision. Wearing glasses or sunglasses can be an advantage because they will protect your eyes from dust or dirt or anything else that could be blown away by the wind when you are outside. Glasses will even make your contact lenses safer to wear.



-Can I get a better vision with contact lenses than glasses?

Yes the vision is better with circle lenses because you are not annoyed by the frame of the glasses. Contact lenses give you a clear 180-degree view. if this doesn’t work for you while you are wearing color lenses then you should consult a doctor.



– Can I use eye drops while I’m wearing contact lenses?

Yes and you have to! It is truly preferred to keep your circle lenses always wet, because when they are dry it is not good, your eyes could get irritated and that’s quite painful. Your circle lenses can stick to your eyes if they are too dry and this is really uncomfortable, if you don’t fix immediately the problem you can damage your lenses and your eyes. This is happening in dry, dusty and windy places mostly outdoor. Your eyes can feel dry indoor too, for example if you stay too long close to a fan or if you use an air-conditioner, most of aircon machines have a function to dry the air purposely.

When you start having a disagreeable feeling while you are wearing your circle lenses then do not hesitate to put some eye drops solution care into your eyes.


If you have any questions about contact lenses then please contact us, you do not need to be a costumer and you are always welcome.


 Questions Replies about Korean Circle Lenses