Wear Color Contact Lenses when Going to Ski

Wear Color Contact Lenses when Going to Ski


You are suffering of myopia, hypertrophy or astigmatism and this winter you plan to go to the mountain for a ski or a snowboard session ?
You are maybe wondering if it is possible to wear circle lenses in these extreme conditions?


The answer is affirmative excepted if you plan to go somewhere where the temperatures are -20 degrees Celsius or -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Under these extreme negative temperatures your contact lenses would freeze on your eye.

Actually practicing a sport involving high speed like ski, snowboard, running, cycling, parachuting or motorcycle racing when wearing circle lenses is a big advantage if you are experiencing vision issues. Instead of glasses contact lenses fix vision problems and give a wider field of vision, color lenses can be worn with mask or helmet. It is very convenient when you’re ridding in the snowing mountains because instead of glasses your circle lenses can’t get fogged at all, very nice if you are wearing gloves, you won’t need to take them off to clean your glasses.


However you have to take some precautions with the cold and dry air of the mountains during the winter, especially if you are in high altitude where oxygen is more rare, with the combination of altitude and high speed your contact lenses will be subjected to hard test.


Actually all these elements could make your contact lenses dryer than usual and lead your eyes to a bad feeling of burning or itchiness and make tears.


As you have to protect your skin with sunblock against sun’s UV, you should protect your eyes while riding or practicing sport by moisturizing them with a special moisturizer care solution.

You can use as well multifunction solution care but it won’t be convenient because you are going to need to take off the contact lenses.


For extreme sport session we recommend you to always take with you at least one spare contact lenses pair, just in case you lose or break a lens or any other reason.


If these little inconveniences are too annoying you must wear a ski mask if you are in the mountains, it will protect your eyes from the air and keep your lenses moisturized. You can even use sunglasses with covered sides to keep the air off.


While enjoying the spirit of the mountains and its activities you should wear soft lens because they are more confortable and stick better to your eyes. Bacterias and germs can contaminate your lenses from the snow. So be carefull when you make snow balls battles or when you fall down in the snow while ridding.


It is very easy to wear color circle lenses to ride in the mountains and by the way you’ll look always beautiful or handsome anywhere you are, enjoy your circle lenses and let’s ride soon.