Review: What are the Best Cosmetic Lenses for your look ?

What Are The Best Cosmetic Lenses For Your Look ?

For those with vision problems, the increasing comfort and availability of contact lenses have made these undetectable vision-correctors an ever more attractive alternative to glasses. They’ve become so popular that even people with 20/20 vision are now wearing cosmetic contact lenses as fashion accessories. Cosmetic lenses are available in both corrective and non-corrective options. Eccentric and dramatic cosmetic lenses are ideal for unconventional settings such as parties, special occasions, or whenever you want to completely change your look.

There are four different types of cosmetic contact lenses:
· Light effect: These lenses are made specifically for people with light eyes.
· Natural color effect: Sometimes a small change goes a long way. These lenses subtlety enhance your natural eye color.
· Color intensive effect: For a radical change, these lenses allow you to completely change the color of your eyes from translucent blue to dark brown or anything in between.
· Fantasy lenses: These lenses transform your eyes into a cat’s thin slits or a vampire’s blood-red stare. They are ideal for costume parties or becoming a convincing character in a film or play.

The current trend in cosmetic lenses is purple-colored contacts that add glamor to any outfit. Costume lenses have been popular in France for years, and they are not uncommon to see in nightclubs. As demand for special lenses grows, more models are constantly made available. The online catalog Geo Crazy Lens offers a large selection of unique lenses. Lenses are available in a wide range of prices, and the Internet makes them even cheaper and easier to order. Whereas lenses cost between $30 and $50 at an optician, they are usually available for about $20 online. However, some might not be willing to sacrifice the individual advice of an experienced optician for the cheaper alternative.

Prior to buying lenses, you can ask an optician to size your eyes so that you can choose the most appropriate lenses. You can find cosmetic lenses in beauty shops, department stores, at an optician’s, and online. Korean soft lenses are among the most comfortable as they were originally manufactured specifically for Asian people with sensitive eyes. Also consider buying suitable cleaning products to accompany your lenses; you can ask a pharmacist or optician for advice about the best products for your eyes.

It is important to read the instructions on your lenses’ box carefully, especially with respect to how much time lenses should be worn. The lens covers your eye’s iris and prevents your eye from being properly oxygenated. Excessive use of costume lenses can cause eye disorders. Most importantly, never sleep with your lenses still in your eyes.

Changing the natural color of your eyes has never been easier. Costume lenses are most accessible than ever through the increasingly inexpensive options available online. With a little precaution and extra care, you can enjoy the dramatic changes of cosmetic lenses while protecting your eyes’ health.

If you’d like to give cosmetic lenses a try, buy a pair of circle lenses recently made popular by Lady Gaga and many other celebrities.

What Are The Best Cosmetic Lenses For Your Look ?