Which Contact Lenses for Brown or Tanned Skin ?

Which Contact Lenses for Brown or Tanned Skin ?

brown and tanned skin contact lenses

When we are talking about makeover, we are of course talking about changing the way you look. A real makeover should match your body shape and your personality.


The first things to change are clothes and hairstyle, but there is a tiny detail that can make a big difference, it’s the color of your eyes. A beautiful eye color can change everything to the way other people look at you. Cosmetic contact lenses have been created to highlight and enhance your look, they can meet all your expectations in total safety. Today decorative contact lenses are very popular and used by movie stars and celebrities. Soft decorative circle lenses are an inevitable fashion accessory.


It is very important to choose a color of circle lenses that suits you the best. If circle lenses can improve the way you look, they can also make you look ugly if you make a wrong color or design choice. For a successful transformation, the best is that people dont notice that you are wearing contact lenses. It can sound foolish but it is true. The aim is to keep a natural look and let people wonder why you look so special and cute.


How to choose the best contact lenses


To avoid mistakes choosing the right pair of soft cosmetic circle lenses, here are some recommendations.

First you might consider the color of your hair, but also what kind of hair you have and the most important, the color of your skin. If you have “chocolate” skin, dark brown or black, then you must use brown tones like, hazel, ebony, caramel contact lenses. Ochre tones are perfect as well as, red ochre, rust, saffron, yellow ochre, gold, honey…


On Solution-Lens.com you will find all these colors with for example the brown Geo Twins, brown Geo Starmish or brown Vassen Ash Miranda. One of the advantage of these circle lenses is that they will make your eyes (iris) look bigger and will bring more intensity into your eyes. A numerous amount of designs is at your disposal on Solution-Lens.com and the shipping is free to any country.

If you want to try something more fancy take a look at the circle lenses called Geo Flower Pansy brown or Vassen Stella brown. There is no doubt that your look will be enhanced and more expressive, you’ll get some new fans we can guaranty.


So if you want to improve your look easily order now a pair of color contact lenses and see the result within a few days when you will receive your new eyes accessories.