Why Contact Lenses Hurt My Eyes

Why Contact Lenses Hurt My Eyes


–  Dry Eyes

This is one of the main reasons for contact lens wearers to feel discomfort when wearing contacts: dry eyes

Some people have red eyes and feel uncomfortable, itchy or pain and their eyes are irritated by contact lenses. You can use lubricant eye drops to refresh and relieve your dry eyes.

Many people believe that if they choose contact lenses that have high water content such as 42%, 55% or more it will help their eyes to feel comfortable and that they can wear contact lenses longer. In fact, high water content cannot help your eyes to feel more comfortable and you shouldn’t wear contact lenses more than 6 – 10 hours a day. Some people feel dry eyes when wearing 55% water content lenses but feel more comfortable with 38% water content lenses.

It depends on what your eyes need, high water content or not, and the only and easy way to find what your eyes need is to consult with your eyes doctor.


–  Scratched and Torn Contact Lens

Defective contact lenses can cause pain or damage your eyes, sometimes because of lens manufacturer.

A scratched contact lenses can sometimes be seen before opening the vial but not always.

If you can see it before opening the vial then do not open it and contact the shop where you have purchased the lenses.

Sometimes it is hard to see a tiny scratched or a very small tear but if you can feel it after wearing the lenses, then you must stop wearing the lenses and contact the shop.

It can also happen that a contact lens becomes scratched or torn after using it for a while because it is easy to scratch or tear lenses with nails while cleaning them for example. This lens can cause irritation and a small piece of torn contact lenses lodged in your eyes can lead to infection. We recommend to throw away these lenses and start with a new pair.


–  Wrong Contact Prescription

We recommend you to get an examination from an eye doctor before buying contact lenses. This exam will determine if your eyes are healthy to wear contact lenses or not and help you find a correct contact lens type to fit your eyes.

Wrong contact prescription will make your eyes feel uncomfortable, pain and tired or see blur.


–  Dirty Contacts

You must keep your lenses clean to avoid infection problems, but you can get dirt, oil, flakes of cosmetics or leave fingerprints on the surface of your contact lens when you put them in your eyes, then it will make your eyes feel painful or itchy.

It is very important to use contact lens solutions to clean and rub your lenses to remove all impurities on the lenses before you put them in your eyes.


If you have any question please contact us on our CIRCLE LENS FAQ page.