Why is it Better to Wear Circle Lenses when Playing Sport

 Why is it Better to Wear Circle Lenses when Playing Sport ?


You hesitate to wear contact lenses or color lenses while playing sport and you wish to weigh the pros and cons ?


The main advantage to wear contact lenses instead of glasses is of course the handy side, do you know many sports where top player wear glasses ? It is pretty rare but we can see basketball players, runners or chest players using special glasses.


20% of athletes have vision issue which can be a handicap when playing their sport. This is why most of them choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses which are not convenient to practice sport in general.


Once the soft contact lenses are on they won’t fall down and break as glasses, the only way to remove accidentally contact lenses from the eyes is a hard shock on the head. Even in special weather conditions your contact lenses won’t get dirty or foggy like glasses.


Color lenses offer the best performances in sports involving speed like racing, contact lenses are much more aerodynamic than glasses and can be worn with a helmet. With contact lenses on you can fully enjoy your field of vision.


They are also multiple positive points concerning cosmetic color lenses. As you know, state of mind is important in any sport, with color lenses you can surprise your competitors with flashy color like electric blue. Your competitors will lose their concentration focusing on your eyes color, it will work only if your eyes look supernatural, try on other colors as red, yellow or lenses from the series “Crazy lens” providing contact lenses able to make you look like a monster, an alien, a lion or crocodile. The other less important point is the aesthetic side of color lenses for those having the desire to look more desirable, beautiful or handsome. We can notice this in the soccer world, many players care about their look and are very sophisticated, worried about the image that they show. The most visible sign of their love for fashion his their hairstyles, many of these handsome metrosexual guys use color contact lenses to complete the way they look and be perfectly attractive to the public and fans.


Of course there is a restriction with color contact lenses, they are prohibited in fighting sports like boxing, MMA, Full-contact, Kempo, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and other sports because a hard hit on the head could throw away the color contact lenses. Water sports like diving, water polo, swimming and other sports involving water are also not compatible with contact lenses. The practice of these sports could harm your eyes.


So there are many advantages to wear color contact lenses but it depends on which sport you practice, try to weigh the pros and cons and try on a pair of contact lenses to really know if it fits your needs.


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